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Reasons why your boss will fund your AAT qualification

by Uneeb Khan
AAT qualification

AAT is a significant accounting organisation for accountants. AAT is a renowned accounting professional organisation with more than 130,000 active members. 

AAT qualification is equivalent to accounting technician certification. AAT Level 2 is equal to GCSE, Level 3 is equivalent to two A-Levels, and AAT Level 4 is equivalent to a QCF Level 4 qualification. 

You can acquire exemptions from degree programmes at over 30 universities in the UK if you have an AAT certificate.

Why upskilling is important?

The word “upskilling” is well-known. With technology producing a seismic change in the workplace and opening up new opportunities that a modernised worker can fully realise, there is already a demand for students and employees to gain new skills and competencies necessary for the evolving job market.

Many organisations’ sustainability in today’s current digital world is dependent on how they use cutting-edge technologies to turn their workplaces into augmented environments.

Skills training is not a one-time occurrence; rather, You must maintain it continuously. You’ll need educated employees who are willing to pick up new skills and stay up with ever corporate world if you want to develop a firm that is always learning, developing, and meeting its goals.

Reasons to upskill your AAT qualification.

Your employer will benefit from your new abilities if you obtain an AAT qualification from Home Learning College. That is why we feel that more corporations should sponsor employee credentials. Look at our top four reasons why your employer should be excited for you to get further training.

You’ll be more effective at work.

An AAT certification is more than simply a piece of paper and a line on your LinkedIn profile. You will develop basic, practical skills that you may apply in the job, regardless of the level at which you study. You’ll be more productive, efficient, and capable in general.

Because our AAT courses don’t need you to take time off work, you may start producing value right away, even before you finish the course. Your manager will undoubtedly notice the cost savings and superior financial management you’ll offer!

Your spirits will rise.

According to studies, 47.8% of employees in SMEs believe their boss doesn’t care about their professional development*. Your boss may demonstrate their concern by funding an AAT course, and there are practical rewards to doing so.

Employees who do not pursue personal development are more likely to lose motivation, resulting in lower production or a desire to quit professions. An AAT course will not only provide you with the skills necessary to perform a better job, but it will also motivate you to do so.

You may improve Employee loyalty and talent retention via AAT courses to ensure your supervisor that you’re not simply seeking to take the money and run!

The reputation of the organisation will improve.

No one will be impressed that your employer paid for one of your employees to attend an AAT course; however, if your organisation develops a supportive training culture, they will begin to see some advantages.

Potential clients or customers will be impressed by the fact that you and your colleagues have been recognised for your greatness, and they will feel secure knowing that your company’s behind-the-scenes staff are equally as good as the ones that interact with clients.

Furthermore, a reputation for delivering high-quality training can make your organisation desirable to potential new workers, making recruiting easier and ensuring that you only hire the most enthusiastic, exceptional people.

It will save money for your firm.

It might be the part that gets your boss’s attention the most. Your firm may benefit financially in the long term if you pay for your AAT training.

It isn’t only because your new accounting abilities might help the firm function more smoothly.

 It’s also because upskilling current employees usually costs less than hiring someone new to do the roles you could have done with further training down the line.

You could also be willing to work out a deal with your boss to make your offer more tempting. You may, for example, request that your AAT money be granted in place of a raise.

Accounting resources are available.

With an AAT certification, you’ll have access to useful and high-quality accounting resources, including industry news, best practice approaches, expert advice, and top accounting magazines. It allows you to share wonderful insights (and brag a little) with your colleagues.

If your supervisor has any reservations about funding your AAT training, these points should assist in dispelling them! Your training will improve production, morale, the reputation of your firm, and even its financial line! So, when paying for your credentials, keep in mind that it is in their best interests as much as yours.


To discover more about your funding options, give one of our Program Advisors a call or send an email. We can not only address your points, but we can also give you resources and point you in the right direction for contacting your employer and requesting help. You may also let us get your supervisor on your behalf, and we’ll state your argument for you!

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