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Reasons Why You Need an Air Purifier

by Uneeb Khan

If you’re a professional or lover of 3D printing, you might have wondered, “Do I need a 3D printer air filter?” Even while you might not consider printing to be hazardous, the FDM printing process involves plastic heating filaments, which creates fumes you definitely don’t want to breathe in. The following information on the particles and fumes that the printing process can create will help you understand why a 3D printer needs an air filter. We will also go through the best portable air purifier from shop.snapmaker.com. It has a lot of amazing features that will elevate your 3D printing experience.

  • 3D Printing Releases Fumes and Particles

Heat naturally causes certain fumes to be released into the air when plastic filaments are heated. The term “VOCs,” or volatile organic compounds, refers to a group of gases that make up these emissions. Many typical FDM filament materials start producing VOCs well below the temperatures required to make them malleable enough for printing. Owning the best portable air purifier from shop.snapmaker.com will truly help you deal with the problem and experience a conducive environment. This will enable you to produce more prints in comfort and improve the overall quality of your work.

Snapmaker air purifier features

Well, a lot of features make the air purifier from Snapmaker stand out. For you to understand them well, we have gathered all the amazing features and capabilities for you below.

  1. An Increase in Air Safety

When you 3D print with or laser engrave on some types of materials, chemicals like PM (Particle Matters) and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) may be emitted. With a Snapmaker 2.0 Air Purifier, you can filter them even further. This will enable you to work well without breathing issues.

  • The Suitable Filter Cartridge

It has a custom-built filter cartridge for your Snapmaker 2.0, with five layers of various filters combined into one. It is meant to absorb what is really released during the 3D printing or laser engraving process.

  • Finer Filtration using the F9 Filter

Works with particles with a diameter of at least 1 m. More than 95% of PM10, PM5, and PM2.5 are filtered out.

  • Individualized Activated Carbon Filter

To absorb VOCs that particle matter filters are unable to remove, a thick pack of activated carbon is additionally added. Odor issues are no longer a concern.

  • Thick HEPA H13 filter

The last stage gate is two layers of 70 mm thick HEPA H13 filters. They can capture up to 99.97 percent of all airborne particles, including PM0.3, which is believed to be the most invasive particle in the atmosphere.

  • A long-lasting filter cartridge

Efficiency alone does not matter. In order to maximize the cartridge’s longevity, the various filter levels are organized in a certain order, ensuring that you won’t need to replace the cartridge until it has been fully utilized. This will save you a lot of cash as you won’t have to break the bank all the time looking for a replacement.

  • Life Detection Filter

Real-time filter cartridge monitoring is done by Snapmaker 2.0, and the Touchscreen displays how long the filter cartridge will last. It notifies you when a new one has to be inserted. It also has a built-in LED strip that changes colors, flows, breathes, and flashes to demonstrate how the air purifier is operating.

  • Metal-only Design

The Air Purifier and Enclosure have the same clean designs as before. The CNC-machined aluminum beams and shell, with their surface anodized, produce machine bodies that are well-sealed, have an extremely fine texture, and have a constant silver grey appearance.

With all the above features, you can clearly see that the Snapmaker 3D printer air filter is a game changer. They are available at shop.snapmaker.com at a wide range of prices. Visit us today and get one for yourself Read more

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