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Social earnings: reality or another scam on the Internet

by Uneeb Khan
Social Earning

Social earnings involve opening a business based on a charitable idea, for example, helping children in orphanages, adults with mental retardation, and other socially unprotected categories of citizens. Other types of social earnings can be found on the net. But mostly these are fraudulent projects that you should not deal with.

What are social earnings?

This is social entrepreneurship, i.e. a sphere in which social problems are solved, including with the involvement of business. The areas of work are different – education, assistance to the disabled, the elderly, children, animals, and many others.

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For example, an entrepreneur, on his own or with the help of investors, opens a charity clothing store. People bring clothes here and donate them for free (or for a moderate fee), and the store sells them to those in need at a discounted price. It turns out that business performs an important social function and at the same time earns.

5 successful social projects

At least 5 social projects are successfully operating in Pakistan today:

Charity Shop 

Charity Shop – accepts used branded items and sells them at discounted prices. In Islamabad, you can find 30 reception points and 3 stores themselves. Moreover, anyone can buy such things.

“Simple Things” 

“Simple Things” is an organization in Lahore that helps adults with mental development problems. There is a culinary, sewing, carpentry workshop, and other departments. People are trained, undergo rehabilitation, and the things they have made are sold in shops and cafes.

Teddy Food

Teddy Food is an online project to help stray dogs and other animals. On the site, you can find videos from webcams online and watch pets. Users make donations, and then receive a report on exactly where the funds were spent.


“Lifestyle” – a project for students in grades 10-11 and orphanages, performs educational functions, conducts career guidance. Meetings with experienced workers, master classes, and other events are often held here.

“Mezhdu us”

“Mezhdu us” – the production of cereals from vegetables and fruits. These are fast food products that are in demand. The project employs residents of neuropsychiatric organizations with behavioral disorders. Several cafes in Lahore sell products online.

Beware of scammers

On the network, you can find several sites with supposedly social earnings. Here you can quickly register, fill out a profile, and complete tasks. The description indicates that the user is involved in the promotion of the goods of the seller or manufacturer and earns money from this by performing simple tasks:

  • likes;
  • comments;
  • repost;
  • forum responses;
  • writing reviews.

In reality, payments in many such projects are not made. It turns out that the user actually completes the task, but the scammer receives the money for it. It is not recommended to register on such sites.

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