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React Native App Development: Usual Mistakes to Avoid 

by Uneeb Khan

When you integrate your business with experts, creating a mobile application is a piece of cake. Otherwise, you might experience a myriad of challenges in developing your application. 

For app development, you must have all information about the technology and trends that can help you to build a robust application. However, developing an app with React Native is the best way to proceed with your plan. 

When you think about building a React Native mobile application, there are many things to consider. Nevertheless, many business owners look for the benefits of using this technology; many miss its challenges. 

The best part of considering the challenges of developing a React Native app is that it gives you an extra edge in creating a mobile app. If you know the challenges you can see during the development process, you can prepare your team to work on them. 

However, a React Native app development company already knows what challenges are associated with the development; you must know them too. And to let you access all information about it, here are a few challenges you must look for in app development. So, read along!

Top Mistakes to Avoid for React Native App Development

Inaccurate Image Optimization

It often happens during the development of a React Native app, and the team forgets to optimize the images. Since it seems time-consuming for the team, many people leave the image optimization process. With this, you can see a loading time issue with your React Native application. 

When you work on image optimization, it enhances the uploading process of the image to the cloud. Above all, it aligns the images that don’t take much space and time to complete the process. 

Skipping external module codes

When you start the project by integrating with a React Native app development company to create an app, this problem seems to happen. It may happen that many developers don’t read external module codes. Most developers find it a waste of time; it adds more than the estimation to include a feature. 

The most significant advantage of an external module is it simplifies the app development process. It saves time with the documentation while implementing. In addition, it helps the developer team identify the modules’ issues and rectify them without breaking a sweat. 

Incorrect estimation

Estimation is one of the crucial things to consider. Many times projects sink due to the wrong estimation. Many factors like modules, app layout, forms, and endpoints are something that can lead to the wrong estimation. 

During your mobile application development, you need to pay attention to implementing proper estimation according to the decided plan. The team must evaluate code for two separate platforms, no matter if the code is reusable. 

Improper Redux store planning

Not to mention, the React Native app development project may go wild because of improper planning. Majorly, developers focus on app layout and user experience and may forget to consider data handling. 

Using Redux, it becomes easy to manage and plan data properly. However, if you develop large-scale business apps, it requires loads of data. And it needs proper planning to manage all files effectively. 

Leaving “console.log” statements

When you internally keep the render method and logic, it may cause a big problem. Console logs are essential to debugging quickly– it is beneficial if the render method and logic are asynchronous. Moreover, it causes problems in the JavaScript thread as well. 

By keeping the console.log statement handy, the developers can save a lot of time while debugging the app. All they have to do is go through the documentation and make changes easily. 

Final thought!

Having an idea to develop an application for your business using React Native is nothing but a step toward success. But success is not a story of one big step; it is a tale of a long walk with overcoming the hurdles. And it requires lots of strategies and consistent efforts to make a win for you to implement your business. 

While you can develop an app for your business, it requires proper expert guidance at every stage. Moreover, collaborating with a mobile app development company is a sure way to rule the market. So, connect with an app development company with expertise in React Native apps.

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