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Potential Side Effects of Massage Therapy One Should Know

by Uneeb Khan

Massage therapy is used to improve wellness or help manage a medical condition. It includes adjusting the body’s tendons. Throughout the history of the human race, massaging has been a practice in most civilizations, both Eastern and Western, and it was one of the first methods employed to alleviate pain.

Numerous types of pain, including migraines, back problems, neck, and joint stiffness, knee osteoarthritis pain, and pain from other musculoskeletal conditions have all been investigated in relation to massage therapy. We might therefore conclude that it offers us a variety of health advantages.

Numerous medical professionals have even recommended you for treatment. Over time, advanced clinical massage therapies have been utilized to treat a number of health conditions. A massage has several advantages, some of which include easing persistent back and neck discomfort, lowering muscle adhesions and spasms, and promoting relaxation.

These advantages do not, however, come without some drawbacks because difficulties and adverse effects do occasionally occur. The adverse effects are frequent when the therapist is ineffective.

The potential negative effects of a massage include the following:


Because certain oils have healing characteristics, they are typically used in massages to lessen friction and speed up the muscles’ ability to repair. On the other hand, some individuals have allergies to certain oil tastes or the oils themselves. You should be completely honest about any underlying medical concerns before getting on the massage table to prevent such adverse responses.

Bruised bones

Osteoporosis is an uncommon disease that causes weaker bones in some people. Others seek massage therapy for accident-related bone injuries. Instead of receiving relief from massage therapy, some people sustain more injuries and their bones may shatter further as a consequence of enhanced pressure, which may leave the patient permanently disabled. Inform the massage therapist of any bone conditions to reduce the risk of fractures.


Some massage therapists may occasionally apply too much pressure, resulting in bruising. They could also result from applying less oil, which would rub on the skin. Bruises are a rare side effect that typically happens when the therapists are inept and don’t know how much oil or weight to use on your body.

You should be informed that bruises are the first sign that the physiotherapist is about to hurt your body, and you should request that they stop as soon as you notice any itching.

Health problems

Patients with a variety of medical diseases, such as gaping sores, blood clots, cancer tumors, brittle bones, pregnant women, nerve problems, and occasionally diabetes, are at risk for rare complications if massage treatment is administered to them. A pregnant lady may go into labor if a massage is given to her with too much pressure.

Excessive Use of Massage

Because massage treatment has so many well-known advantages, many individuals tend to think that once they’ve had it, they’re good to go. This is completely incorrect because a physical problem should not always be assumed to be resolved following therapy. If you have medical symptoms, you should just see a doctor.

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