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Planning for a Long Drive? 7 Car Inspection Checklist to Follow

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Planning for a Long Drive 7 Car Inspection Checklist to Follow

Are you heading out for a Long drive in your car? Did you do a proper inspection before leaving? Checking every part of your car is essential before you leave for the road. Inspecting everything will ensure you get the journey done without any issues. Here is a checklist to help you inspect all the necessary car parts!

  1. Check the tiers

Take a peek below your car and check those tiers. A proper check on the tiers is the most important task before heading out on your Long Drive trip.

Check all the tiers carefully and see if it is punched or needs to be changed. See if it is completely damage-free. Tiers play a major role in the safety of the passenger. There are chances of your trip getting ruined for just a car tier. Touch the tiers and search for bumps all around the surface; if there are none, then you are good to go!

  1. Insurance Papers

Do you have all your car insurance papers in the right place? You don’t want to be caught by the cops, So you must carry all those important documents on your road trip.

These papers can protect you from different road incidents and accidents. It will prove that you are a certified driver and fulfill all the requirements to drive on the road. Also, if anything goes wrong, you can show your insurance paper to get out of the situation. Never forget these before your road trip, or you may have to face cops behind you!

  1. Engine Condition

The engine is the core of your vehicle. Check it properly to avoid any disruption in your long drive. In addition, you need to check the engine oils and the engine coolant.

First, check the engine oil level; this can be done with the help of a dipstick. The right amount of oil will ensure lubrication, and the engine will work smoothly. If your engine needs some more oil, then go for the right oil that your vehicle needs. Remember not to overfill the oil, which may lead to extra emissions. If the battery terminals are greased and cleaned, it will prevent the terminal from getting corrosive.

  1. Fuel Level

Is your tank full before a long road trip? If not, then get it filled out right away. There are high chances that you might not get to a gas station on your road trip. So to finish your long road journey, get your tank filled before leaving your place.

While you are in the middle of your journey, if you notice your fuel indicator going down towards the empty side, then find the nearest gas station and get your car filled. Make sure to get your oil filled from a reputed fuel station without getting scammed.

  1. Pressure Check

The pressure in the tiers can change due to the fluctuation in the temperature. So you need to check the atmosphere, weather, and temperature.

If you are going to a place that is some temperature cold or hot, then put some pressure on those tiers. When there is less pressure, there may be a chance of losing brake control. So keep a constant check on the pressure to avoid any mishap.

  1. Car Groans

Start your car once before you leave! If you find out your car is sounding different than usual. Check it properly. There must be some issues if the noise is not clear.

Do this work a day before you go on the trip. Then, if there is any trouble, get it fixed by a professional mechanic. Don’t try it on your own. This is an essential step that will help you get ready for the long road trip!

  1. Overall Body Check

After everything, scan the whole body of your car and check if everything is in its place in the right way. See if the headlight is working, and check the windshield, rearview mirror, cabin air filter, and other things. Move the steering and see if it is in good condition. See all the parts of the car and ensure its good condition.

Take spare tire, oil, and screen wash; this will come in handy if you need anything on the road trip.


Long drives are amazing when you have no troubles in your car. However, to ensure your car is away from all the damage, you must check it closely before leaving. The above checklist will help you scan all the essential functioning and items in the car for a trouble-less journey.

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