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Pilates Classes Tips You Never Knew

by Uneeb Khan

Exercise is a kind of activity which people do to maintain physical and mental health. It is done for multiple reasons, like for weight gain or loss, to improve strength, for proper health maintenance, etc. We can do exercise outdoors with other people, or we can do it within the comfort of our home. But sometimes, people who do it at home end up doing things wrongly and hurt themselves. So, here are some tips for one of the joint exercises i.e., Pilates. 

What is  Pilates?  

It is a kind of exercise that helps in strengthening the body muscles and improves flexibility, posture, and balance. It’s a low-impact exercise that focuses on core strength. It was originally known as “Contrology.” 

It is somewhat similar to yoga, but there are a few differences between both the techniques though.  Both use mats , but  Pilates may include some machines in addition to that. Yoga is regarded as a therapeutic activity, whereas Pilates  focuses on core body strength and the mind.  

Benefits of doing Pilates  

It has some benefits for our body. It improves the flexibility and posture of our body,  boosts immunity, reduces stress and menstrual pain, improves core strength and body awareness.  

Cons of Pilates exercise:  

It has some negative impacts as well. Firstly, we should not overdo this exercise. It can cause injuries, aches, and pains.  Classes are costly, and results take longer.  

What to eat before and after the class?  

Only exercising won’t help with body fitness, a proper diet should also be maintained for better results.  

Pre-class eats: A person should not exercise with an empty stomach and eat at least 1-2 hours before the workout. We can consume foods like salads, fish and veggies, protein bars, bananas, soup, etc.  

Post-class eats: After using so much energy for exercising, we need some food to boost ourselves. We should eat after 30 minutes of exercising. We can consume foods like oats, salmon, meat, granola, etc.  

And always stay  hydrated. Water is necessary for our body.!  

Few general information before starting: 

  • Always have your mat if you don’t want to  share  one and a water bottle near your workout area. 
  • Wear workout and stretchable clothes which are comfortable so that the instructor can see your pose correctly and correct you if needed. 
  • Have patience and give time for the results
  • We can expect to have sore muscles at the start of the classes as our body takes time to adapt 
  • Make sure to check for any injuries beforehand so that it doesn’t cause any severe problem
  • Talk freely with your instructor, as communicating your issues will help the other person to understand you better
  • Don’t burn yourself out; go with the flow! 
  • Take some breaks, don’t be so regular to start with , rest between a day or two.
  • Do not take a break once you start, it might cause the reverse and hurt you more.
  • Start with smaller and easier moves to make your body adapt to the process and then level up. 

Workout is beneficial for us in various ways. Every age group people should  work out according to their capability. There are multiple benefits like it boosts energy, helps you have better sleep, helps in weight control, immunity building, and increasing the lifespan. 

However, it must always be done as required and under proper guidance. A tiny mistake can lead to further health complications. .

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