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Pacman 30th Anniversary: A comprehensive Guide about Google Doodle

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PacMan 30th Anniversary

Pacman 30th anniversary was developed by a Japanese Namco company in 1980. This was an arcade game that was played by everyone and made everyone captivated by it. This game become the most popular arcade game of all time. During developing this game, the idea behind it was too simple. The developer’s only goal was to make it as simple that everyone can play. At Pacman’s 30th anniversary we bring to you some amazing facts about it. In this article, you will come across Pacman’s life and history so stay tuned.

PacMan 30th Anniversary: Who is Pacman?

Pacman is an arcade game originally called Puck-Man in Japan developed by Maze Action Video Games and by Namco in May 22, 1980. But later released in North- America with an agreement with Namco by Midway Manufacturing.

This is the game that inspired almost one generation and made them addicted to itself. Google has created a Google Holiday logo of Pacman.

The Pacman eats them all dots. Don’t worry this is the way of playing the game. The Pacman has to eat all the dots in a closed maze. He must avoid the 4 color ghosts in the maze.

What is Pacman 30th Anniversary Google Doodle?

Doodles are the changes in the Google logo that are made for the holiday celebrations of famous artists, pioneers and scientists these are fun, interesting, and spontaneous changes to the Google logo.

Google also created a doodle for the holiday celebration of Pacman. The main person who created Pacman was Ms. Yang who died after some days of Pacman creation. In the remember of Ms. Yang Google created a doodle for the Pacman holiday.

History of Pacman

Pacman was released on May 22, 1980. On July 30, 1997, the very first version of the game was released. This became the most popular game in the history of arcade games.

Pacman has to eat all the dots and should avoid all the ghosts, some may appear blue for getting a bonus. The dots are called the Power Pellets. Eating blue ghosts adds the bonus points to Pacman. if ghosts caught the Pacman, one life goes for Pacman. eating the large power pellets, more energize the Pacman and turn the ghosts into blue and in the reverse direction.

Pac-Man can eat green ghosts to earn bonus points; when the ghost is eaten, their eyes return to the center box in the maze, where the ghost “resumes” and resumes its normal function. Eating more green ghosts in a row increases their point value. After a while, the green ghosts will glow white before returning to their normal state. Eating a certain number of dots on a level will cause the bonus item – usually in the form of fruit – to appear under the middlebox; the item can be eaten with bonus points. On the sides of the maze are two “spiral tunnels”, allowing Pac-Man and ghosts to move to the other side of the screen. Ghosts become smaller when they come in and out of these tunnels.

Now you can play a unique addition of Pacman to commemorate Pacman’s 30th anniversary. This new version can only be found online. It contains additional levels, new skin, and many bonuses.

How does Pacman Influence other Arcade Games?

This is a very simple game played by young people. Most games get inspiration from their simplicity of it. Pacman inspired many 3D games like Monster Maze, and MIDI Maze. It is a very colorful game for people.

Happy birthday Pacman

It entertains its players for three decades and now it is turning into three. Google is celebrating it’s birthday by creating a Google doodle logo. Google also commemorates the Pacman’s special spiritual abilities against the evil spirits. Playing games are the most interesting way of releasing yourself against worries. And it will be an aid to playing good and beneficial games.

Pacman Special online tournaments

It is an international superstar and this is not now but from thirty years ago. Now this game has a series of online tournaments. But some security issues make it very weak.

Pacman Hats 2 tournaments are limited-time events and have very small stages. The stages of the tournament cannot be replayed. There will be prizes for the winner but you have to play without taking any break.

This game has different currencies which are a total 5 and these are as follows

  • Pac-Cash:  used for getting lives and skins
  • Pac-Token:   used for skins and livs
  • Logic Board: used for arcade section
  • Pac-Diamond: this is also used for the arcade section
  • Aventure Tickets: for getting power-ups and extra lives

Achievements of Pacman

There are different achievements while playing the game which is as follows

READYComplete stage 1
Super PAC-MANReach stage 3
Blinky get bustedReach stage 10
Blinky gets RippedReach stage 6
No more bluesReach stage 20
Be like billy!Reach stage 256
100k runScore 100,000 points or more
50k streakScore 50,000 points or more
Cherry chomperEat 1 pair of cherry
Orange juicerEat 1 orange

Some Ghosts Name of Pacman

Some amazing ghosts are present in the PacMan game which are as follows


He prefers to drag the Pacman he moves here and there to meet up with the speed of Pacman.

Pinky (Pink)

She always moves in the same direction as Pacman moves. But not look like to always follow him.

Inky (light Blue)

It is the most dangerous ghost of all. His hybrid act makes him the most dangerous among all ghosts.

Clyde (orange)

His nickname is pocky because of his techniques of escaping the box. He is a big hazard for Pacman in the lower-left corner

Final Thoughts

Pacman is an amazing game everyone like to play it. As it become revolutionary for many games. We can imagine that after 30 years it is also very popular among all. It also helps the players to think intentionally and inspire all the other developers to understand the true meaning of their character. Pacman gives the true meaning and sense of character.

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