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The Top 7 Places to Experience Nightlife in Bhubaneswar

by Uneeb Khan
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Nightlife in Bhubaneswar

The capital city of Odisha “Bhubaneswar” is not only famous for its cultural heritage and economic growth. The nightlife in Bhubaneshwar is as lovely and crowded as it can be. When you start exploring Bhubaneswar nightlife, you will find that many places and interesting people live around you. They just come out at night to look for chances to have fun, enjoyment, hookups and experience their fantasies. 

Let’s dive in and explore the shy and exciting places to experience the nightlife in Bhubaneswar and discover what exactly you are missing. 

7 Places Where You Can Enjoy Nightlife in Bhubaneswar 

1 Aangan Horizon

Aangan horizon is situated in Nandankanan Road, Patia, famous for its modern architecture and pubs. Where youngsters love to hang out with swinging seats and lots of groovy posters of musicians, you can enjoy 2 types of sitting in Anegan 1. It is open-air section 2. It is a regular sit-down area perfect for a dance party. Bring your friend or partner or look for a hookup with Bhubaneswar escorts and girls to fulfill your fantasies. With a lot’s fun and exciting food, you are going to love this place.

Address – Nandankanan Road, Patia

Timing – 11 am to 11 pm

Cost – starting from Rs. 900 for two

2. The Cellar – Mayfair Lagoon

Bhubaneswar nightlife

The Cellar -Mayfair lagoon is a great place to shop and explore the trends of 

Bhubaneshwar. But don’t get deceived by crowded marketplaces. There is an elegant pub situated in The cellar, which comes to life every evening and devours the hate and fatigue of Bhubaneswar youth with the help of various alcoholic beverages, Martinez and cocktails. Many youths from different backgrounds spent their nighttime drinking and looking for their chances of hookups. So, if you ever decided to join the cellar for partying, do try your best chocolate martinis.

Address – Mayfair Lagoon, 8-B, Jayadev Vihar

Timing – 03 pm to 11 pm

Cost – Starting from Rs. 1500 for two

3. Hi-5 – The Lounge Bar

HI-5 – The Lounge Bar is famous for its cool interior and elegant styling sense. This makes it the best hangout place for college boys and girls to enjoy drinks and selfies. The bar’s menu is full of various cocktails and great food. If you decide to visit this bar, you must try its special chicken platter.

Address – Hotel Sandy’s Tower, P1 & P1/A, XIMB Square, Jayadev Vihar

Timing – 12 pm to 12 am

Cost – Starting from Rs.1500 for two

4. 10 DC – Lounge Bar & Pub

The 10 DC: Lounge Bar & Pub is full of enjoyment of music and alcohol; grab a cocktail and enjoy the exciting DJ night at the pub. There you will meet lots of horny girls and boys ready to explore you depending on your taste. Once you get to know the culture, you may end up with someone for an exciting night. In addition, you can also try their pool area for fun if you are tired of dancing all night. 

Address: 316, District Center, Chandrasekharpur

Timings: 12 pm to 12 am

Cost – Starts from Rs. 1200 for two

5. Mellony

Mellony is another favourite spot for nightlife lovers in Bhubaneswar. It is full of cocktails, and tequila & its favourite cocktail is made of white rum. Enjoy these fantastic beverages with your friend or your personal escort before enjoying the full night in your hotel room.

Address: Mayfair Lagoon, 8-B, Jayadev Vihar

Timing: 11 am to 11 pm

Cost: Starting from Rs. 1500 for two

6. Desire – Pal Heights 

Desire – Pal Heights is an elegant & posh night party place full of night party lovers enjoying drinks and music. Lots of youngsters hooking up with girls and escorts enjoy their drinks and dance around. Even if you don’t dance and love to enjoy your drink at the lounge or sofa, you can enjoy it at Desire- pal heights. The pub also provides ladies free drinks every Saturday so they can enjoy the loving atmosphere more freely.

Address: Pal Heights, J/7, Jayadev Vihar

Timings: 12.30 pm to 10 pm

Cost: Starting from Rs. 1700 for two

7. Oceana

Oceana is a great palace for alcohol lovers who want to enjoy their nightlife with great food and beverages. You can find various Indian food like kebabs, tikkas and lots of info-Chinese variants. So, select a favourite drink and enjoy your beverage at the classic Ocean, like the interior of the Ocean. 

Address: Mayfair Lagoon, 8-B, Jayadev Vihar

Timings: 11 am to 11 pm

Cost: Starting from Rs. 1500 for two

Some Common Questions about Nightlife in Bhubaneswar ?

Best Area in Bhubaneswar for a Night Party?

Patia, Chandrashekharpura and unit 4 in Bhubaneswar has some really good pubs and bars where you can enjoy your nighttime.

Are Bhubaneswar Pubs Costly ?

No, Bhubaneswar pubs are not costly and spending your night time at anywhere from ₹ 900 to ₹ 1500 

Is Bhubaneshwar is Well Connected Through Public Transport?

Yes, Bhubaneswar is well connected through public transport and you can easily find Taxi, local auto rickshaw and city transport bus in any part of the city to travel to your beloved destination.


So, What is your thought about our list of places in Bhubaneswar? Hope you are going to try these places whenever you decide to enjoy Nightlife in Bhubaneshwar.

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