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Best 7 Minimalistic Nail Designs to Explore this Monsoon

by Uneeb Khan
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Experimenting with your style comes to a pause during the monsoon season. Since most of us choose to wear simple and relaxed outfits to ensure comfort, our style quotient might take a hit.

So, how can you make a style statement while dressed simply? There’s one way you can do it and that is by painting your nails to create minimalistic and stunning nail art designs.

Minimalist nail art designs are all about creating small designs that leave a lasting impression on people around you. Be it a tiny pop of colour, a simple swerve and shape outlines, it all adds up to this niche nail art category.

Therefore, let’s take a look at some of the best 7 minimalistic nail designs to explore this monsoon.

7 Minimalistic Monsoon Nail Art Designs 

  1. White Outlines Nail Art

Take your minimalistic nail game to the next level, by lining the opposing corners of your nails for a semi-framed look. This nail art look is the better refined and defined version of the classic french nail art design.

  1. Raindrops Nail Art

Introduce the nostalgic sensation of the rainy season with the raindrops nail art design. To create this look, you just need a base coat and clear nail paint. Furthermore, you can also apply a top coat of holographic nail polish instead of clear nail paint to define your nail art. Once the nail paint dries, apply blobs of top coat on your nails by using a bobby pin. You can also use metallic nail paint shades to make the blobs (raindrops) pop out more.

  1. Creamy Swirls Nail Art

Is the monsoon season making you feel low? Well, this is time to add the touch of creamy swirls to your nails and uplift your spirits high. 

Choose your favourite yellow nail paint shade to make little swirls of it on your nails with a toothpick or bobby pin and then complete the look with a top coat of clear nail polish. If not yellow, you can go for other bright nail paint shades like the incredible and vivid-coloured Avon True Color Prospeed Nail Enamel hues.

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Made by one of the best beauty and skincare brands Avon, these nail polishes are easy to apply, dry quickly and provide higher coverage in just one coat application! 

  1. Dreamy Sun And Clouds Nail Art

Even when it’s raining outside, you can now admire the mesmerising sight of the sun and clouds directly on your fingertips. With a sheer nail colour palette having soft pink, dreamy lilac, azure blue and mandarin orange nail hues, you can create a beautiful view of the sky on your nails.

  1. Classic Floral Nail Art

Floral nail art designs can never be outdated. Embrace the magic of the monsoon flowers like periwinkle, sunflower and jasmine by creating these sweet flowers’ designs on your nails with a bobby pin or a toothpick. This type of nail art should follow a blend of soft and bright nail polish shades such as maroon, powder pink, cerulean blue and other nail paint colours.

  1. The Many Shades Of Blue Nail Art

Calling all the blue colour lovers, this one’s for you. Take a dip in the many shades of blue and add them to your nails. Apply the top coat of different blue hues or greenish blue on each nail for a multi-coloured nail art design which appears both chic and elegant.

  1. Golden Waves Nail Art

Perfect for warm skin tones, golden nail paint colour is a gorgeous addition to any minimalistic nail art design. For a simple and neutral look, pair the gold nail paint with pale peach nail paint colour and finish the look with clear nail enamel.

Hopefully, this quirky and simple nail paint guide will help you decide which type of minimalistic nail art design is ideal for you this monsoon season. Furthermore, you can give your nail paint colour palette a boost by exploring the smooth and highly-pigmented nail enamel range from Avon.

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