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Most Loved Wedding Flowers of 2022 to make more stunning memories

by Uneeb Khan
Most Loved Wedding Flowers of 2022 to make more stunning memories

A wedding is the most beautiful event of one’s life as it only comes once in a life and changes your life completely by making someone else a permanent part of it, and thus, you choose everything very accordingly, you put all your effort into every single element or part of your marriage you choose to add.

Among all such small to large items, flowers own a very significant place in your wedding and you should choose them very carefully. Wedding flowers shop should be stunning, bright colored, and should add positive vibes to your wedding. These wedding flowers are simply very beautiful and unique to create a constant reminder of how wonderful life is.

In our continuously increasing busy life, we often miss the beauty of flowers and their importance but we can’t take that risk as we use them as a bride bouquet, in decoration, and in India, we use them in worshipping god as well at the time or marriage ceremony.

As we have just discussed the importance of flowers in weddings let us dig dive more into it by looking at the available & send flowers to pune most chosen in Weddings

1 Rose

So first comes one of the most beautiful flowers of all time that is rose. Rose always takes the charge when it comes to romance and marriage is called the destination of a romantic journey. A bouquet of roses can turn positive. Now here is the most unique benefit of rose is that it comes in so many varieties and colors and you can make 100s of combinations to make the best bridal bouquet for your wedding.

You can make a hand bunch of fifty red roses tied up with a white ribbon it will become make the best romantic bunch. You can use different colors of roses to right letters on the hand bunch. You can add different colors and match them according to your wedding theme or dress.

2 Orchids

Orchids surely going to add value to your wedding by their mesmerizing looks, they tend to give you the luxury feeling with immense love, they come in very beautiful colors in India most common colors are blue, white, and light pink. You’ll love them and this can be the best option for your wedding for a different glow.

3 Lilies

Lilies are one of the most long-lasting and wide variety flowers, you can keep them for at least 7 days after your marriage as you have to just add them in a vase and regularly change and add water to it. This flower gives a slow mind-relaxing fragrance that soothes your mind and mood. You can use them in your honeymoon suit. Lilies can be a very good choice for a summer wedding as it comes in different colors such as orange, pink yellow purple, and much more.

4 Tulip

This is the rarest found flower in India but also the most loved one here. It can give a very artistic and modern look to your wedding as it comes in the premium category. The best part is you can efficiently pare them with other flowers like roses, orchids, lilies, sunflowers, and gerbera. Tulips can literally do wonders to your wedding with their freshness and positive vibes.

5 Marie-gold (Genda)

And here comes the most used flowers in the Indian wedding as it is cheaper and also considered the best flowers for Hindu worship. They are usually yellow and red in colors with lots of petals which make it look very beautiful and with this, you can use volume to your marriage by using lots of gendas in it.

6 Carnations

Carnation is a way beautiful flower for expressing love and care, used in various kinds of bouquets because of its mind relaxing looks. Easily available to local florists in India, Carnation is available in a lot of colors. Choosing this can add a textured look to your wedding and can match easily with any dress you wear. Hence, it becomes a great choice for wedding flowers

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All the flowers are awesome in their own places and the extremely beautiful gift by nature you can use any of them at your wedding. And hope we made it a little easier to decide

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