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Mobile CRM Key Features for the Financial Industry

by Uneeb Khan
Mobile CRM

Many financial services firms, including banks, insurance companies, and capital markets, struggle to stand out in the field due to the fierce competition. Because of the nature of the market, it is challenging for them to differentiate themselves from their rivals because the product is simple to copy.

Many businesses have realized that they need to improve their customer relationship experience with android crm in order to obtain a competitive edge and attract more clients. A company can enhance client retention, become more competitive, and boost profitability by deploying a Finance CRM solution that offers all the required financial services functionalities.
In order to help financial advisers fulfil the growing client demands, Perfex CRM has created a cloud-based Financial Services CRM.

In this blog post, we’ll look at the essential CRM capabilities for the financial sector that may help businesses become market leaders and better serve their customers.

Key Features :

Know the items your customers use, as well as information on their income, debts, loans, credit scores, and other factors. Keep consolidated records of consumer contacts, preferences, and transactions. Financial advisors will be able to react quickly to issues if they are well informed about their clients.

For banks and the financial sector, contact management crm modules offers a searchable database of saved client contact information as well as significant papers like contracts and sales proposals.

Lead Administration

Tools for lead acquisition and funnelling are necessary for banks, insurance companies, and other enterprises in the finance sector. When a lead is received, it must be forwarded to the appropriate agent, adviser, or manager and then properly tracked.

Customer Engagement The CRM should have features that increase customer engagement, such as relationship tracking, social media integration, and email newsletters.

Marketing Administration

Send out campaigns that are multi-channel and multi-wave to get the most return on your marketing investments. Create customised marketing materials and segment audiences for your campaigns.

Automated Sales

Give your sales staff what they require so that they can prospect, manage contacts, keep track of activity, and ultimately close more deals.

Capabilities for Integration

Specialty accounting and banking software frequently houses a lot of crucial data. Look for a CRM that offers third-party integration with the appropriate solutions for your business. The solution can sync data across numerous platforms, marketing channels, and users thanks to seamless CRM integration, saving both time and money.

Automation of Workflow

Streamline business operations. When the preceding task is marked as finished by the system, the system will automatically establish the following task in the process. By creating processes that offer automated notifications and reminders for follow-ups that must be personally attended to, operational efficiency can be increased.

Analytics and Reports

You can generate reports using CRM analytics, and those reports and analytics can be used to assess productivity and performance. The activities that have been entered into the CRM system, such as the amount of revenue earned, are the basis for these reports. These technologies have a lot of potential as sales forecasting tools.


In the United States, Perfex CRM is a well-known real estate investment platform. It is utilized by both investment managers attempting to raise money and individuals hoping to invest in the real estate market. The organization needed to put in place a strong, personalized CRM solution that would be tailored to their business procedures and act as the back end for their real estate investment platform.

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