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Marketing Explained: What is Marketing and Why Does it Matter?

by Uneeb Khan

What is marketing? This may seem like an easy question, but it’s one that can actually be quite complicated to answer. For the purpose of this guide, we’ll define marketing as a broad range of activities and disciplines used to influence and communicate with target markets and customers. In other words, it’s how you get your product or service in front of people who will actually want to buy it.

The Importance of Marketing

When starting a facebook ad library, the two most important things you can do to give yourself the best chance at success are developing a great product or service, and marketing your business.

Creating an appealing product without giving consideration to how you’ll tell people about it won’t be very effective in today’s marketplace.

Successful marketing campaigns must consider who their target audience is, what messaging will resonate with that audience, how they’ll disseminate the message, and more. This piece outlines six important principles of marketing that every entrepreneur should know before building a campaign. 

1) Great Product + Poor Marketing = Failure

2) Know Your Target Audience 

3) Focus on One Thing 

4) Focus on Influencers 

5) Track Your Data 

6) Branding and Messaging Brand identity refers to the image and reputation of a company that creates customer loyalty. Companies need to use clear messaging when communicating with customers, so they don’t end up creating confusion. An organization also needs to be consistent in its brand identity across all touchpoints such as website design, email communication, customer service interactions, etc.

Understanding your target audience

Your target audience is the group of people you hope to buy your product or service. They’re called a target audience because if you could accurately identify the ideal customer for your product, it would make marketing much easier.

In this age of social media, we don’t need to be experts in order to understand who our target audience is. There are many great resources out there that can help you find the best customers for your business- so take some time to explore them! You may want to think about what you want your target audience to do with your product. Do they want to consume it passively (like watching TV) or actively (like taking an online course)? Who else competes with you in the marketplace? How much money will they spend on your product or service? 

In addition, marketing is not just about reaching potential customers but also engaging them once they’ve become aware of what you’re selling.

Make sure that their expectations are managed by setting clear goals up front. Successful marketing relies on creativity and innovation- not just getting as many people as possible to notice your company’s products and services; this way, only those who have been specifically targeted will become engaged enough to purchase from you instead of someone else. Your goal should be to attract potential customers who already know what you offer and how it meets their needs better than anyone else.

To do this, companies use both traditional advertising methods like print ads, radio spots, and billboards as well as new media methods like YouTube videos, Facebook ads, Twitter campaigns and Google Adwords. The more effort you put into these areas early on in your business development process the higher chance you’ll have of attracting quality leads early on in your sales cycle

What is Branding

Your brand is your identity in the marketplace. It’s how customers, prospects, partners, and others perceive you—and whether they’re receptive to what you’re offering. It starts with a name for your company or product (e.g., Nike) that should be short, memorable, and easy to pronounce or spell. The name can convey an important message about your company or product (e.g., Serendipity means opportunity). Next, it includes developing a logo that symbolizes what you offer in terms of quality and style; however, it’s not just about having a fancy logo. In fact, the logo should be simple enough so that people can create their own versions of your logo when they interact with your brand on social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

Defining your brand’s unique value proposition

The most important part of marketing is having a solid understanding of what you want to sell, what your company stands for, who your customers are, and how you will reach them. Your goal as a business owner is to clearly define these things before you begin creating your marketing strategy. Once you know where you’re going, the next step is figuring out how you’ll get there. A successful marketing campaign relies on more than just advertising; an integrated approach will help you find more success. Other times, the most effective way to find new customers is through social media campaigns that use hashtags and other social trends that appeal to a certain audience. Read more

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