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Managing Employee Performance – Changing Roles during the Year

by Uneeb Khan
Managing Employee Performance

A change of position during the year is a complex situation. In the context of employee performance management, it raises concerns, questions, and doubts about how it will affect performance assessment and overall appraisal.

Following these simple steps paves the way for proper performance evaluation by supervisors.

Understand the new role:

  • Ask as many questions as possible.
  • Clarify any doubts.
  • Be clear about the expected outcomes of the new task.

If you have questions about the proposed role, take as much time as possible to clarify them.

Fit the new role into the organizational structure:

It is essential to know how the new part will fit into the organizational structure. How it fits into the organization and how it works with the critical points of the organization.

Critical success factors in the new role:

List the aspects that represent your competencies and will allow you to succeed in the role. Make these essential tasks and work towards their success.

Evaluate your performance in your current role: 

Your efforts in your current position during the year should not be in vain. Ask your manager to document your performance in your current role in an interim evaluation. Managers know how important it is to manage the performance of employees in their careers. It should be done proactively. Remember to refer to this appraisal form during your annual evaluation.

Agree on new KRAs: 

Agreeing on KRAs/KPIs/goal sheets in a new role is a significant activity; if roles change during the year, this activity becomes even more critical. Agree with your manager on performance expectations in the workplace. At the end of the year, you will be evaluated based on these goals/frameworks; follow SMART principles and agree on goals for your new role.


Take the lead and support the person sliding into your role to excel in their role. You can help them feel comfortable in their position and succeed by sharing your knowledge and skills and collaborating with them. This is an essential characteristic of STAR staff. Why not do it?

Successful employee performance management depends on the employees themselves – on you. Take responsibility and turn the fear of career change this year into an exciting opportunity for career success.

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Sarah Noah Liam is a 28-year-old Software Management person who enjoys programming, employee monitor software free, and screen recording. She has a post-graduate degree in Computer science.

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