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Make Your Photos And Videos Look Great – Adobe Portfolio Review

by Uneeb Khan
Adobe Portfolio

You can choose from 12 different themes. You can see a large preview of what you’ll be producing. They also provide a little preview of how each theme will seem on a mobile device, which is an innovative method to let you know that all of these websites are made to look amazing on any screen. To view a full-page preview of one by clicking on it, with the option to view the design on additional screens, click the item (Desktop, Tablet, or Phone).

Let’s have an adobe portfolio review!

The primary interface appears once you’ve chosen your theme, which you can change whenever you like. It is split into two halves. You will design and preview your pages in the largest one on the right, and you may adjust other options in the sidebar on the left.

If you already use other Adobe services, one of those, dubbed “Integration,” can be very helpful. Here, you can link to your Behance account, an online Lightroom collection, or images you’re currently publishing on Adobe Stock (opens in a new tab). This enables you to directly import material into your new website by connecting it to any of them.

But let’s begin this investigation correctly by examining the primary preview.

The creative space

It is in this entire part that you construct your pages. As was already indicated, these pages, which at the moment appear empty with an “Add Page” button on the left, are intended to display your work. This can be used to set up a link to one of your Lightroom albums or to create the page as described.

The process of making a page is pretty simple. You are given buttons to add text, images, videos, social media icons, forms, and even links to audio files and Lightroom albums. There is also a way to directly embed HTML code.

After you add something, the buttons vanish, but you can still access the same menu by clicking on any blue cross that pops up on your website when you hover your mouse over it.

You import your photos one at a time or in groups, and then you fill up your page with them. By default, pictures are stacked one on top of the other, but you may also arrange your pictures in grids and modify how they appear on the screen.

Everything is fairly simple to understand, and you quickly become accustomed to the interface. We did discover that a picture would occasionally not upload, but it was simple to change the faulty link with a new one.

You are not limited to including photographs on your website, as was previously specified. Even if this isn’t Adobe Portfolio Review’s major function, you still have the choice to add text boxes, creating what might be thought of as a more conventional webpage.

Unfortunately, the website would abruptly bounce back to the top every time we added a text section, forcing us to scroll back down to where we had been before we began to type.

Videos are uploaded in the same way that photos are. The Embed tool can be used if you’d prefer to share a video that you’ve uploaded to a different website like YouTube or Vimeo. Although many of the website builders we’ve used in the past, such as WordPress (opens in new tab) and EverWeb (opens in new tab), are aware of what to do when you paste the YouTube video’s URL into an embed box and convert that to the code needed to place it properly. Hope you find this Adobe Portfolio Review helpful. 

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