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How to Make a Video Invitation? Use 4 Simple Steps

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Sending video invitations to guests and friends is on trend. It’s a hassle-free, cost-effective, and better way to invite your guests.

Video invitation is a cool and cost-effective way to invite your guest to the wedding ceremony, party, or upcoming event. These days, more and more people are using invitation videos as they can make invitations online for free and share them anywhere without trouble. 

So, are you ready to ditch old text emails and send a professional-level video instead? 

Nowadays, technology has become much more advanced than ever, where sending text messages, emails, and card invites are a thing of the past. 


Video invitations are a great way to engage with friends and tell their importance on your special occasion. It allows you to add funny clips, animations, and visuals to make your special guest feel great and motivate them to attend your wedding or another occasion you are willing to celebrate.

You have professional invitation maker tools that simultaneously make your invitation special, attractive, and hilarious. So, if you also want to make an invitation video, read on to learn about simple ways to create an attractive video invitation. 

How to Make a Video Invitation: A 4-Step Guide

#1 Pick a Right Template

Do you want to grab the attention of your guest from video invites? You must choose the right template that represents your occasion theme perfectly.

It is essential to make the first three seconds of the invitation video eye-catching, so it can create a hook and retain the guests’ attention till the end and help them get complete information. 

However, before creating your invitation, it’s good to think about tone and a clear picture of the elements you will use. 


For example, let’s say you must create a wedding invitation that attracts guests. In this case, you should choose a theme that best describes the wedding ceremony. 

Not just this, but you also need to come up with high-quality images, clips, and other elements that will add life to your invitation. Your video invitation should convey your words like you are inviting the guest and friends. 

Lastly, you should also finalize the background and do a cross-check with the wedding theme. 

Thankfully, there is the best tool to make invitations online free. You can use a reliable tool that offers lots of templates, effects, and other resources to give you the ideal environment to create your stunning invitation. 

#2 Add Short Clips and Personal Touch

Now it’s time to add some short clips about your special memories. It will show your personality to viewers and smile at them. 

When you add some personal information to your video invitation, guests get a little glimpse of what they will witness on the special occasion.

You can add clips or images with loved ones carrying balloons or cakes. Adding some favorite quotes or short messages is also advisable to highlight special events best. It makes the video invitation much more welcoming and personal than sending just a simple text with a video.


You can consider using a video invitation maker, as it will help you add your clips creatively and professionally. It also suggests filters and elements that make your detail much more engaging. 

These tools easily feature all the essential resources to help you make creative baby showers, anniversaries, weddings, and other occasion videos. You can customize the available templates, delete and edit elements, and add audio, video, and images. 

Not only this, but using your creative mind, you can make a next-level video invitation for free.

#3 Make a Story

Storytelling is something that hooks the guest till the end of the video invitation. It makes your invitation more appealing and pleasing. You can describe the venue, date, time, host, and other relevant details. 

By giving detailed information about the ceremony, your help guest decides how they can add some value to your special moment. 


For example, if you invite your guest to the wedding ceremony, you want to create an eye-catching wedding invitation.

For this, you can describe the beautiful journey, like how you met, how things started, and how you decided to get married. You can add a childhood or special image that helps you realize you are made for each other. 

Adding a school or college image is also great for sharing your journey with your guests. 

There are many special moments that you may have captured and are willing to share with guests. It’s a great time to do so and help your friends and family to feel closer to your occasion. 

Make sure the written message is clear and written politely. Your text should not create confusion and help guests reach the right location at the right time. 

It’s recommended to create a script and do a voice-over to add to the video invitation without audio distortion. 

#4 Run a Finishing Touch

You have done a lot of hard work to make your video invitation personal. You also used a video invitation maker to make exciting appearances. 

However, you still need to execute the last step, and it’s running through the finishing touch. It will help you correct any spelling errors or omissions in the text. 

You can also replace images or videos if you are unhappy with the results.


This step also allows you to add more elements like a cartoon character. Make sure there is no grammar error, and it displays the message well. You can play the invitation video to cross-check audio, video clips, and graphics to ensure all elements work well. 

Maintaining a high-quality and engaging tone is essential to get maximum attention from guests. 

Some guests might not be able to read a small text; hence try to keep the text size larger. 

You can take the help of your close friends and family to ensure your invitation is ready to share. Your close friend and family can help you at the last moment to escape any confusion. 

Once you are satisfied with the video invitation, download it and upload it on various social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. 

Wrapping Up

When you do not have sufficient time to print invitation cards and distribute them to loved ones, it’s great to consider making a video invitation and sharing it digitally. Initially, you may feel it’s time-consuming, but later, you will be impressed by its productivity and advantages. Make sure to try out this popular trend for your upcoming event to add something extra!

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