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Looking for Getting a Cat

by Uneeb Khan

A cat’s presence can mean different things for different people. Some want cats to cuddle with and sit on their laps Others prefer to be surrounded by a quiet cat which spends most of its time outdoors and doesn’t require much contact with humans.

The most important thing is to locate a cat who will engage with you when you want the cat to. All cats are different and the way each cat interacts with you can depend on the character of its owner and his childhood experiences (or the absence of them) which may make it fearful or confident around humans and the world in general.

The surroundings within which you keep a cat is also crucial – for example if it has a home with several cats which do not get on, then it is likely to be stressed and will react differently than if it was alone.

While there is no guarantee of locating the ideal cat for you and your lifestyle, understanding your expectations as well as the characteristics that make cats tick will allow you to bring home a cat that should be well-equipped to deal with the new surroundings and become the cat you’ve always wanted too.

To care for cats, you’ll need to:

  • Offer lots of human friendship
  • Offer regular, appropriate meals with a constant supply of fresh water
  • Make sure you have a clean and comfortable bed
  • The cat should have outdoor access , or be prepared to empty and clean the litter tray on a regular basis
  • Provide it with an exciting and safe environment
  • Make sure you groom it regularly. Longhaired cats require grooming every day.
  • Get it removed between 4 and 6 month old
  • Vaccinate against the major feline diseases regularly
  • Keep your eyes open and provide treatment for fleas
  • Bring the cat to the veterinarian if it shows any sign of disease
  • Insure your cat or make sure you can afford the expense of any vet treatment it may need

How much attention and care cats require?

In terms of pets, cats are relatively low maintenance compared to dogs who require companionship, walking, training and so on. However, like any pet, they need attention, and certain cats require more attention that others. Do you wish to spend a lot hours with your pet? do you wish it to be stressful, or do your schedule only allow for a certain amount of time? Cats can be incorporated into busy, modern lifestyles better than dogs since they’re pretty independent and can be left to their own devices more easily , and are appropriate for smaller apartments or homes. Cats are usually preferred by those with stressed and busy lives, and who want some companionship when they come home to relax.

Do you want from your relationship with a cat? If you’re the kind of person who truly needs an intimate relationship with your cat in order to be able handle it and allow it to communicate with you, then there’s a chance you’ll be disappointed when you take on a nervous cat who hides whenever you arrive in an area. You may be thinking about one of the pedigree breeds which are more active and may be more dependent on human interaction than some breeds like moggies. This may be a problem for the cat if you are at work all day long and only spend time with your cat on weekends or evenings.

Some cats need to know exactly what’s going to happen when, in order to feel relaxed. Such cats will be happy with an old lady who rarely has visitors and has a very peaceful life, but would probably be quite stressed living in a house full of children and other animals who have plenty of people and activity. Other cats, however, might enjoy diverse interactions with many people and work in a family with lots of activity.

If you’re unlikely to be able or willing to groom a cat every day and you’re not even thinking about buying an Persian or a cat that has a long coat. In pedigree terms, any cat with longer coat, aside from one that is a Persian, is called semi-longhaired because the coat is not like the Persian’s and lacks an extensive undercoat. However, it is nevertheless long which requires regular grooming. In addition, if you are extremely house-proud, you may not need a thick coat everywhere.

A shorthaired cat is a better option since most cats are extremely devoted to their coats and will keep them in top state. That’s not to say they don’t have hairs lying around, but keep this in mind if you’re considering getting a white cat but have dark furniture, or the reverse is true. Likewise, a cat is quite likely to increase the sharpness of its claws inside and often on the stair carpet, occasionally on the furniture, or even wall. Whether your cat has this behavior is dependent on the cat’s behavior and the space you offer it. There are some steps you can do to deal with the issue, but it’s best to recognize from the beginning that your cat is an animal that has the freedom to choose and natural behavior that may not suit anyone who requires an immaculate house.

How can I house a cat eating diets that are vegetarian?

Is your lifestyle a vegan, and want your cat to become one as well? If you desire a pet who is vegetarian but doesn’t question your beliefs, it’s best to go with a rabbit the cat is a carnivore in the first place and behaves and appears exactly as it does due to because of this. A cat is considered to be an obligatory carnivore. It is a creature that requires some of the nutrients that are found in meat. Furthermore, all its senses of smell and taste are in tune with being an animal – it would be unfair and very dangerous to health to even try to keep it a vegetarian. Feeding your cat or kitten

Is there a type of cat that does not hunt?

There is a chance that you have an pet that is afraid of hunting outdoors. Maybe you’re an avid bird watcher, or you simply don’t have the ability to handle small carcasses on the floor. Hunting is an everyday occurrence for cats. In keeping your cat inside can prevent it from taking anything in, but it’ll require some outlet for its most natural behavior and many cats won’t be satisfied with an indoor life. In the same way, if you’re looking to purchase an animal to keep the animals out, you won’t want to be paired with a cat that isn’t keen on hunting”, shooting” or fishin’ and prefers being an avid couch potato! cats are more likely to hunt less often than younger ones and some cats do not bother in any way, but there’s no way to gauge the way a cat behaves.

Can I keep a cat indoors?

If you consider the way of life of a cat which has access to outdoor space, you’ll see that living outdoors offers an array of different experiences to its life . It allows it to employ all of its hunting skills if it wants to. Of course there are dangers out in the open in the cat’s environment, however, you have to balance these with the very positive aspects of mental and physical stimulation and a way to express your nature-based behavior. Indoors and outdoors

Can I keep cat and a baby or children in the early years?

There’s no reason not to own cats or kittens if parents. It is up to parents to teach their children from the very beginning to be able to stroke and handle cats and treat them gently. Many children enjoy wonderful relations with their cats and learn about respecting other creatures and being kind – it is done successfully all the time, but it’s up to the parents to lay down the rules. Perhaps taking on a new kitten when you have a new baby or a toddler may be too much to handle simultaneously, so making sure you have enough time to attend every party is a crucial an important aspect of a relationship that is successful. If you are pregnant , there is no need to take away your cat. Simple and basic hygiene measures and common sense management of the cat, while the infant is small can ensure all cohabit happily and in a safe manner.

Do I want an adult cat? Or kitten?

A kitten can give you the opportunity to take on an animal at the beginning and then provide it with care and attention it so that it gets the most optimal start in life. Also, you’ll be in a position to gain an understanding of its character. However, kittens need plenty of care and some thought to stop them from becoming a troublemaker. If you decide to leave them to themselves, you need to ensure that they’re safe while you are away. You may also have arrange neutering, first vaccinations, etc. dependent on the place you got your kitten from.
Where can you get a kitten or cat and what questions to ask

While kittens have a huge ‘cute’ factor It is important to keep in mind that they aren’t kittens for long, only six months of a possible 14 years plus.

When it comes to adult cats it’s at a minimum clear which breeds are shorter haired. It should be possible to gain an idea of a cat’s personality however if it’s living in less than ideal conditions, and it is anxious or scared, it might behave differently compared to when it is calm. A confident adult cat is likely to move in and settle down quite quickly and a cat that is nervous may require more time. It is easier to leave an older cat on its own in the assurance that it’s unlikely to cause troubleand is usually less stressful and a lot less than a kitten. A mature cat probably already be neutered and vaccinated.
Selecting an adult cat, and where to purchase one

What sex of cat do I need to get?

The gender of a kitten doesn’t really need to be a factor, as long as you sterilize your kitten before puberty (at about 4 months age) at which point hormones for sex begin to manifest. Un-neutered cats may exhibit unwelcome reproductive behaviours. For example, un-neutered male cats will mark their territory with strong smelling urine while un-neutered female cats can come into season every two weeks even if they do not get pregnant.

If you’re only getting one kitten or cat, it doesn’t matter which sexuality you pick. Also, if would like two kittens, and you get two from the same litter, the gender of the cat in question is likely not crucial. If, however, you already have a cat and are getting just one kitten or a cat, it might be worth considering going for any of these species to eliminate some of the competition factor. A kitten may be the better choice than an adult cat in these circumstances as the kitten’s impermanence seems to reduce the competition element – for a while anyway during the time that you hope that they’ll start to get along with one another! Neutering eliminates the need for so lots of competition, and makes the choice of sex less crucial.
How to tell which sex kittens are

Should I choose a breed that is specific or a the moggie?

A majority of the cats we keep as pets are what we call”moggies,” or domestic short or long haired cats. They represent a random mix of a variety of cats, we have often have no idea of their parents (well the father, anyway). This means that we don’t have any control over the color, body shape, length of coat or other traits that kittens could be handed down from their mothers. So, for example, if your kitten is from a moggie mum but its father is not clear or unknown, it could develop an even longer coat than you desire if the father was indeed a longhaired.

There’s more to choosing a pedigree cat than just choosing a particular coat colour or length. There are ethical concerns with certain breeds, especially if you want to ensure the wellbeing of the cat. There are other health issues that should be discussed with the breeder and things you should inquire about. Good breeders are determined to breed healthy and social cats and stay clear of (or attempt to treat) the inherited diseases that can occur.
The pedigree cat – things to consider

What breed of cat should I select?

There are many breeds of cats, and some require extra time and care for instance, when they have a long coat , or no coat at all. (See our alphabetical list of cat breeds). Some pedigree cats are more people orientated and might not want to be left alone for long periods. If you’re away for the day at work, it may be worth getting two kittens for a group Do your homework on the breed you’re interested in. Always make sure that health is always the top priority regardless of ‘look’.
How to choose the right kitten

Can I have a cat even if I own a dog?

When you own other pets there is no problem in getting a cat, but you just need to ensure that you keep everything in mind. If you are a dog owner, you have to make sure you make introductions carefully so that your new cat is not chased or injured while the dog gets used to this. Not all breeds of dogs are suitable for cats.
How do you introduce a new cat or kitten to an existing dog

The number of cat could I have together?

It’s easy to collect cats. They’re gorgeous, and they’re tiny. they’re easy to manage. If they don’t meet, they’re likely to avoid the situation rather than fight. However, there might be quite a bit of conflict between cats, which their owners aren’t able to pick up on. Cats are predominantly solitary animal and, although they can live in groups they are typically related to one another or are self-selected so that they do not share space with cats that don’t like. Cats might begin to run around or even soil the home due to trying to manage an issue that makes them are feeling stressed because of the presence of other cats. This might be all that owners observe.

If you have two cats that live together very successfully then think very carefully before you include more. If you have three cats living well together, you should thank your lucky stars and stop now while you’re ahead! The trouble of adding another cat is that it may not just be the relationship between the existing cats and the new cat that causes problems; it can disrupt the equilibrium of the cat’s relationship and create tensions between the original cats as the stress and tension levels increase. Any new cat is a must to be introduced in a safe manner.
How do you introduce an adult cat you have just adopted into your pet.

The most effective way to create two cats that can be compatible is to select two siblings. These will have been raised together, and this typically indicates the future for a successful relationship (although it’s never guaranteed! ).

What’s the cost to keep a cat?

If you’re purchasing a cat with pedigree then there will be costs associated with it which can be big. Pedigree kittens usually come vaccine-free and in some cases have already been neutered. If you are getting the cat from a rescue organization then they might request an amount of money or donation and it could come neutered and vaccined. Cats or kittens from neighboring or family members don’t normally come neutered or vaccinated. They may not be and wormed, or treated for fleas or anything else and it will be up to you to register with a vet and arrange for these services. The procedure of neutering is clearly an one-time expense, however it is recommended to get several vaccinations to ensure that a kitten is protected against infectious diseases. After that, every year, a booster vaccination can help protect it throughout its life (requirements depend on the lifestyle of the cat and risk associated with it Your vet will advise you). Additionally, you will need food, preventive health care regarding treatment for ticks, fleas and worms and cat litter if you are looking for or require an outdoor litter tray, beds and grooming equipment when you are a owner of a long-haired cat. Microchipping is recommended in the event that your cat goes missing. We recommend that you ensure your cat is insured to ensure that if an accident or illness happens and you are ill, you do not have to worry about the cost. Choose your insurance carefully so that you can get the coverage you want or require.

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