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by Uneeb Khan

If you enjoy watching live sport, then live cricket matches are the perfect way to do so. Cricket is an ancient sport that has continued to win the hearts of fans around the world. With its simple rules, the game is fun for both amateurs and professionals alike. If you can’t make it to a cricket match, you can still enjoy it from home by watching a match on tv. Matches are broadcast live from many different countries.

Benefits of watching live cricket

The most prominent benefit of watching live cricket is the ability to cheer on your favourite players while they are in action. Live cricket broadcasting websites allow you to watch matches from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere else you have access to the internet. Many websites also include live scores and match dates.

It’s important for cricket fans to follow all the action, from the first ball to the last, in order to enjoy the game. Live cricket scores also help you to keep up with the action even while on the move. With live scores, you can stay updated with the best players from all around the world. Live cricket broadcasts also allow you to watch videos of matches.

Another benefit of watching live cricket is that you can follow the latest news about your favorite team. You can see who is batting and who’s bowling well, and you can see the latest scores and statistics. Live cricket scores are updated on a regular basis and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Watching live cricket is more convenient than ever, especially if you lead a busy life. Many people now subscribe to live cricket streaming services to watch live cricket matches from anywhere. In addition, these services are free, so you don’t have to worry about missing a match. With this type of service, you can watch live cricket on your iPad or PC.

Record breaking moments in the history of cricket

A record-breaking shot from the stumps by a cricketer has often been compared to that made by the batsman in baseball. Unlike baseball, which has a certain optimum angle of attack, cricket’s ball is heavier and has more air resistance. This causes the angle of descent to be steeper than in baseball. This makes it more difficult to break a record.

One of the most famous record breaking moments in the history of cricket came during IPL, when Chris Gayle struck an unbeaten century in thirty balls. But while it was a landmark moment for the batting team, it’s worth noting that Aaron Finch and Alex Hales have already achieved 30-ball centuries. Despite these amazing feats, however, there’s a chance that some of these records will never be broken.

During the 1956 test match between England and Sri Lanka, Jim Laker recorded a record-breaking 19 wicket haul. In that game, he bowled 68 overs and conceded just ninety runs. The record has stood for over sixty years and still tops the list of most wickets taken by a cricketer in a test. However, in 2018, Yasir Shah managed to break this record and set a new record.

Another record-breaking moment in the history of cricket occurred during Australia’s tour of Sri Lanka in May 2003. The Australians managed to restrict the visitors to 195/8 in their first innings, with a half-century made by Megan Healy and Chamari Athapaththu. The visitors then went on to win by nine wickets and 139 balls to spare.

ICC conducts a test match every day

Test cricket is a format of first-class international cricket. It is played between teams that are full members of the International Cricket Council (ICC). Test matches consist of four innings played by each team. They can last up to five days. The term “Test match” originated from the idea that sports matches between national representative teams were the ultimate test of sporting ability. Today, Test matches are also played in other sports, such as rugby union and rugby league, field hockey, and netball.

The ICC was founded in 1909 by representatives of Australia, England, and South Africa. Its first name was the Imperial Cricket Conference and later became the International Cricket Council. Its headquarters are in Dubai, UAE. The ICC governs international cricket and works with its members to develop the game. It appoints match officials and oversees the ICC Code of Conduct. The ICC also works to fight corruption in the sport.

The ICC is currently in the process of developing a new cricket schedule. The proposed change would allow for more cricket to be played in the gaps between test matches. But some cricketers aren’t so sure about the move. Tony Irish, the chairman of the Federation of International Cricketers (FICA), raised doubts about the idea. He suggested that the ICC move to four-day games, as these matches would take some pressure off the schedule.

During the second test against the West Indies, the Sri Lankan team admitted to breaching the ICC code of conduct. They had delayed play during the second test, and the ICC said that it was a serious breach of the Laws of Cricket and was contrary to the spirit of the game. The team has been fined by the ICC.

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