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Kia Stinger Specifications and Price 2023 in Pakistan

by Uneeb Khan
Kia Stinger Specifications and Price 2023


The whole article consists of the car Kia stinger produced by the Kia motor company. In this article, I will tell you about this sedan sports car in detail describing its specifications, features, and prices in Pakistan.

Kia Stinger:

Kia Motors is the Company that sells the 120-hp Rio subcompact and the soul crossover that was before published by hamsters. They also make a superb sedan sports car which doesn’t get the respect it really deserves and also doesn’t sell too much in the market.

The Kia Stinger 2023 has a 4-door hatchback that has the rear-wheel drive as per standard and another optional all-wheel drive. The stinger car looks like the BMW 4-series Gran Coupe, and it starts with the price of a sports compact. If we talk about the standard engine then it is a turbocharged 4-cylinder having 300 horsepower.

The voluntary 368-hp with twin-turbo V-6 is the chosen stinger and this is the first combination of Kia that reached 60 mph in less than 5.0 seconds. The vehicle has a handsome interior with smart looking design and is comfortable for the ride as well.

Instead of this, there should be more promotion surrounding the stinger but it’s too late. Kia gives his statement that his powerful sedan car will come out in 2023. The vehicle with high-performance EVs like EV6 GT takes place.

Specifications of Kia Stinger 2023:

Engine Name: The engine name of the sedan is Turbo 2.5 Liter Theta 2

Displacement: 2497cc

Compression Ratio: 10.5:1

Trim: GT-Line Hatchback

Horsepower: The vehicle will give 300 Hp at 5800

Torque: The maximum torque of the vehicle is 311 at 1650 RPM

Cylinders: There are 4 cylinders in the car

Standard MPG: 22/32

Transmission: There is 8-speed Automatic with manual mode select Transmission in this car

Transmission Type: Automatic

Wheelbase: 114.4 inches

Ground Clearance: The vehicle’s ground clearance is 5.2 inches

Fuel Capacity: There is a 15.9 Liter fuel capacity in this car.

Fuel Delivery System: The vehicle has a gasoline direct engine (GDI).

Top speed: The car will give 167 mph maximum speed

Exterior Part of the Stinger:

The stinger vehicle has two turbocharged engines that are 300-hp 2.5 liter turbo-four and a 368-hp twin-turbo 3.3 liter V-6. The V-6 provides a thrilling performance that gets out epinephrine flowing. Both the engines have 8-speed automatic transmissions which create rapid shifts at the redline while remaining quiet when left to shift on their own. If you Have car for sale in Pakistan then we are always available.

However, it is possible that the paddle shifters will be responded faster to the driver input. Besides, for the drivers who are interested in straight-line speed, the V-6 stinger power doesn’t disappoint you. The GT2 has great straight-line speed that gives 60 mph speed in 4.6 seconds while testing the track test.

The car will be perfect in normal conditions but when we push it to the limit it reduces the poise of its more competitors that are established in the market. Likely, we find some rear suspension protests as disconcerting side steps when forcing hard on the rough roads. Same as there are some fore and aft tilting follow out all-out acceleration and braking runs.

The GT2 comes out at the standard with Brembos brakes that show the stinger is faster or more handsome even when it is at rest. Without the brembos the car is less impressive and rides on less grippy all-season tires.

Interior Part of Sedan:

Although the Stinger’s interior is attractive and well-designed, it lacks the materials and workmanship of the Audi A4 and BMW 3-series. The Kia, though, costs substantially less than those two German sedans.

Contrarily, the Stinger offers a significantly more comfortable back seat than many vehicles in this price range, and its advantage in the room appears greater than its statistics suggest. Although there are no obvious flaws or omissions in the Stinger’s interior, the overall appearance is less polished than what we’ve seen from renowned premium manufacturers.

Although the Stinger’s declared boot volume would indicate that it had by far the most cargo space in its class, it only narrowly surpassed its rivals in our real-world cargo tests. We anticipated that the Stinger would do even better in our tests due to its big hatchback opening and long wheelbase. The fact that the front-door pockets are the smallest of the bunch is partially offset by the fact that it has a large center console for a car.

Kia stinger 2023 Colors in Pakistan.

The vehicle is available in different colors.

  • Ascot Green.
  • Aurora Black.
  • Ceramic Silver.
  • HiChroma Red.
  • Micro Blue.
  • Panthera Metal.
  • Snow White Pearl.

Kia Stinger 2023 Price in Pakistan

The vehicle has two variants and I am mentioning both variant’s Prices

Kia Stinger GT-LINE: Estimated 82, 98,000 PKR

Kia Stinger GT2: 1, 17, 35,000 PKR


The whole article focus on the Kia Stinger 2023 specifications, features, and kia cars price in Pakistan 2023 in Pakistan.

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