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Issues treated by the best orthopedic doctor

by Uneeb Khan
Best orthopedic doctor

Several issues can affect the musculoskeletal system which requires abrupt treatment so matter doesn’t worsen. Orthopedists are specialists who help to manage related symptoms and cure orthopedic issues. The best orthopedic doctor examines the patient keenly, try to evaluate the issue accurately, and layout a treatment plan accordingly. Here mentioned the major orthopedic issues that an orthopedist could treat.


Bursae is a small fluid-filled sac that is usually found near joints where muscles and tendons meet the bones. It acts as a cushion between soft tissues and bones and prevents friction. Inflammation to bursae is called bursitis, it is a painful condition that may hinder joint motion. Most commonly bursae around the shoulder, elbow, and hip joint are affected the most however, knee bursitis can also occur.

The base of a big toe and heel is also susceptible to this ailment. Bursitis usually occurs around the joints that are used repetitively. Orthopedists advice taking proper rest and protecting the affected part from further depreciation. Treatment depends on the severity of the condition, mild cases get better on their own with few medications and self-care but severe ones need surgical treatment.


Arthritis is a joint disease that usually grows with the age. It causes swelling and joint stiffness making the affected joint tender and painful. Under severe conditions, a person loses joint range of motion. Common types of arthritis are:

·        Osteoarthritis

It occurs when the cartilage covering the ends of the bones is damaged. Cartilage protects the joint from friction and ensures the smooth gliding of bones within a joint.

·        Rheumatoid arthritis

It’s a disease when the immune system outbreaks the joints gradually making them weak and painful to move.

·        Gout

This condition arises when uric acid crystals accumulate in the joints due to high blood uric acid levels.

·        Other types of arthritis may occur due to a disease like psoriasis and lupus.

The best orthopedic doctor diagnoses it rightly and tries to manage its symptoms so routine activities are not hindered.


Osteoporosis makes the bones weak, they get so brittle that even minor stress or force could crack or break the bone. Patients of osteoporosis may get a fracture even due to coughing, bending, or twisting abruptly. Mostly spine, hip, and wrist bones are subject to fractures because of this disease.

Bone has a natural ability to degenerate and regenerate, osteoporosis occurs when there is an imbalance in the process or the rate of bone relapse is greater than bone development. Women are at more risk of having an osteoporosis issue than men. An orthopedist help to treat the condition through medications and recommend a patient to a physical therapist for improvement as exercise could strengthen weak bones. Moreover, a good diet is also important to overcome this issue.


A dislocation occurs when the bone is forced to displace from its rooted position. It’s an injury caused due to a sudden fall, a vehicle accident, or contact with a hard surface while sports. Normally larger body joints are more liable to dislocation such as shoulder joints but fingers or thumb joints can also be disrupted due to forceful and inappropriate bending.

Dislocation deforms the joint shape, making it painful, initiating swelling, and causing disability to move. Seek immediate medical attention from the best orthopedic surgeon to relocate the bone and manage unbearable symptoms.


Fracture is the breaking of bone which range from mild to severe. There may be a thin crack or a shattering of bone into small fragments. Open fractures occur when a bone is displaced so hard that it perforates through the skin. A vehicle accident or a fall specifically while a sport is the major reason for fractures. Moreover, diseases like osteoporosis also weaken the bones making them much more susceptible to easy breakage. Overuse of the bones can lead to stress fractures that cause small bone cracks.

Unbearable pain, deformity, swelling, inflammation, numbness, disability to move, and tenderness around the affected part are some of the common symptoms. The best orthopedic surgeon gets an internal view through imaging tests to evaluate the extent of damage and then plan treatment way. Mild fractures can be treated through immobilization and medications but severe ones repaired through surgery.


Ligaments are strong elastic bands of fibrous tissues that hold the joint in place ensuring its alignment and stability. Sprains occur when the ligament is damaged which could be a partial tear or it may tear into two parts. Knee, wrist, ankle, and thumb sprains are the common ones. Swelling, pain and inability to move the joint under severe conditions are prominent symptoms. For mild sprains, doctors recommend RICE therapy and physical therapy at home whereas severe tears need to be corrected surgically.


Muscle strain is the injury to the tendons that connect muscles to the bones. From overstretching to partial or complete tear strains are painful, and cause swelling, disability, and inflammation. Lower back and thigh muscles are more subjective to strains. RICE therapy is suggested as an initial treatment for sprains which can be easily conceived at home while severe strains need to be repaired through surgery.

Bone infection

Osteomyelitis is called bone infection. The infection reaches bone through the bloodstream or nearby infected tissues. Bone can also develop an infection if exposed to germs due to an injury. People at risk of developing osteomyelitis are smokers, kidney failure patients, or chronic diabetic patients with foot ulcers. It can be treated effectively through surgery by removing infected dead bone and injecting antibiotics afterwards.


When tendons become inflamed or irritated, a condition called tendinitis occurs. The affected joint becomes painful and tender to touch. Most commonly it develops around heels, elbows, wrists, knees, and shoulders. Tennis elbow, pitcher’s shoulder, golfer’s elbow, jumper’s knee, and swimmer’s shoulder are a few tendinitis conditions that usually occur. The best orthopedic doctor suggests rest along with physical therapy and medications to manage pain. Surgery is required when a tendon is ruptured or completely torn.


For speedy cure consultation with the best orthopedic doctor is essential otherwise the issue could worsen causing complications that may not be treatable afterwards. Show cooperation and follow the instructions of your doctor to relish your joint motion to its fullest.

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