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Is Windows Hosting good to host your WordPress website?

by Uneeb Khan
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Around 38% of all websites have WordPress at their base. WordPress offers a lot of benefits, and generally, WP websites seem easier to make to web users.

Nevertheless, alongside the website building hosting quality and platform needs attention too. So while selecting the hosting server and services, many queries hover over the mind. For instance, to host your WordPress website, will Windows Hosting be a good choice? 

Let’s find out the answer in detail.

Windows Hosting Server 

Windows Server offers complete ease of use for the user. That means beginners also don’t have to face troubles while dealing with the Windows server as the OS for their hosting.

In addition, the Windows hosting server can be a perfect developer-friendly environment. Windows OS supports all Microsoft technologies, for instance, its robust compatibility with the .NET framework.

So if you are looking to integrate any Microsoft technology for your business or WP website, Windows hosting is the ideal support. Developing web applications and setting up the .NET framework is easy with Windows.

You can grab Windows hosting plans with any one of the shared servers, VPS, or dedicated server modes alongside the cloud. Further, you can use the Plesk control panel.

In short, you can host your WordPress website on Windows Hosting.

DIY Install WordPress on your Windows Server 

If you know about the hosting technicalities, you can install WordPress on your windows server yourself. First, to support WordPress on Windows, it needs PHP configuration.

Secondly, you also need to interact with the Microsoft Access database to create customizable database applications or for other reasons. So it might not be as plain as walking in the park.

Get a Windows Server optimized for WordPress

Thus, one has the freedom to install and host the WordPress website on the windows server. However, there are cheap windows hosting plans with the choice of getting your chosen CMS pre-installed.

Then what’s the need for getting tangled with the technicalities? You can simply sign up with the hosting services and lay your hands on a platform with your preferred CMS.

The windows hosting server optimized for WordPress has another name in the market. Yes, we are referring to WordPress hosting, which in short, offers a platform ready to deploy a WordPress website. WordPress hosting does come in both Windows and Linux, so you can choose the former.

Windows hosting brings a lot of Valuable Features to your WordPress Website.

Free Domain Name & Backups

The first benefit you can grab is a free domain name for a year. In most cases, it is the top-level domain. So the user doesn’t have to spend on the domain and its registration.

Furthermore, many web hosts provide daily or periodic backups to keep your data safe and sound. So you can have an extra copy of your website saved to get started from where you left off in case something happens at the server or website end.

Latest Windows OS

Windows hosts prefer to upgrade their servers with the latest technologies to boost their performance for the users. Thus, you can opt to install the latest OS version for your server to host your WordPress website.

One-click Installation 

A must-have aspect of the Windows hosting packages is the availability of the one-click Installation of several scripts and applications. For instance, the most widely used single-click setups are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

Not only, but you can also get such setups for various other applications to help you get more functionalities for your website.

DDoS Protection 

DDoS attacks devour the hosting server resources in the blink of an eye and sometimes cause more negative impacts. So to prevent such disasters, windows hosting offers DDoS protection, security monitoring, malware protection, firewalls, etc.

In return, all such measures enhance your WP website’s security. Further, in order to tighten your site security, you can get started with free and paid security practices. 

URL Rewrite Module

Another exclusive benefit you can get is the URL rewrite module, as Windows Hosting effectively supports various Microsoft IIS modules. This feature helps you create rules to implement User-friendly and search engine-friendly URLs.


To manage your WordPress website, you can use the Plesk control panel. Plesk offers easy administration of websites, domains, emails, and automated updates to lots more functionalities. In fact, Plesk Obsidian is an excellent yet secure WordPress and website management platform.


WordPress plugins are a famous and easiest way to fuse a new functionality to the website. You can install different plugins manually or with the help of the web panel for your website.

Expert Help

WordPress has a fairly broad user base, so you can expect extensive help from various professionals. Nevertheless, if users need more personalized support, the hosting company can efficiently help with technical aspects. In some cases, WordPress help can be available too.

Now you know that you can lodge your WP website on any server, including Windows Hosting, as long as it can contain the necessary features you need. Therefore, find a reliable host to grab all the benefits.

Navicosoft’s highly optimized yet cheap windows hosting services can help you host your WordPress website. All windows hosting plans offer 99.99% uptime on high-speed servers at economical prices.

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