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Is Michael Tuffin Worth Trusting?

by Uneeb Khan
Real Raw News

The publisher and author of Real Raw News, Michael Tuffin, has repeatedly warned his readers never to trust the mainstream media. His website is just a satirical site that bases lots of its articles on unnamed sources. But is he worth trusting? Keep reading to find out. But be cautious before you start to trust his articles – they could be fake!

Michael Baxter is the author

A recently available PolitiFact investigation has revealed that the author of the controversial Real Raw News website is Michael Baxter. His website publishes hoaxes and far-fetched stories. His “trust nobody but me” writing style is causing some experts to bother about the credibility of his content. The false claims he publishes may also be a lot more extreme than almost every other misinformation websites. And he frequently runs multiple stories comparable hoax.

Baxter describes crimes committed by many of the world’s top politicians. A few of these crimes are so horrific that it’s hard to imagine. These are crimes that mainstream news outlets would not dare publish. Podesta’s military tribunal and Bill Gates’ involvement in child sex trafficking are only two examples.

Michael Tuffin may be the publisher

Real Raw News is a web media outlet that publishes a number of far-fetched hoaxes. It stands out from other misinformation websites due to its extreme claims. Lots of its stories have the exact same hoax, which makes it difficult to tell apart which will be fact or fiction.

The site claims to be a “supremely reliable source” and Tuffin has frequently told its readers that the mainstream media is biased. Tuffin even claims that the fact-checking website PolitiFact is “waging war” from the site. That’s type of shady, doesn’t it?

His website is just a satirical satire

Real Raw News is just a satirized news site aimed at exposing the hypocrisy in the headlines media and the establishment. The site features outrageous hoaxes, conspiracy theories, and news reports. Its “trust nobody but me” style makes it stand out from other misinformation websites. While it runs a big amount of stories, its false claims are far more blatant than many others.

The satirical articles are written with humor, exaggeration, and ridicule. They mock the foolishness of people and their vices. These satire sites make it clear they are satire and aren’t serious. The headlines on Real Raw News provide ample proof they are satire.

His articles are based on unnamed sources

The real raw news articles are based on unnames sources, which makes them suspect, however, not impossible to identify. They also claim to be “true,” but that’s definately not the case. For example, a recent article claimed the SEALs rescued over 200 “smuggled children” from the cargo hold of a ship, and that the SEALs recovered 12 of the children’s bodies. The article claims to own been based on unnamed military sources, but USA TODAY’s fact check found no evidence to aid the claims.

Although real raw news articles aren’t entirely based on unnamed sources, the articles published by this amazing site tend to be definately not the truth. That makes them unusually alarming, especially in comparison with other misinformation websites. The sweeping claims Tuffin makes tend to be more extreme than other misinformation sites, and he will publish several stories linked to the exact same hoax.

His articles are shared widely

The articles published by Real Raw News are frequently shared online. This is even though they are based on false information. In one of these, a write-up published by Real Raw News claims that Bill Gates was arrested for allegedly coercing the FDA, profiting from vaccine sales, and masterminding a kid trafficking ring. The web site has also published numerous fabricated stories about prominent public figures being arrested by military forces. Michael Baxter, the founder of Real Raw News, hasn’t taken care of immediately an inquiry for comment.

While Real Raw News’ articles are widely shared, additionally, there are some articles that were debunked by major news organizations. Reuters debunked one Real Raw News article having said that Bill Clinton was poisoned. Despite being debunked, this article gained hundreds of likes within days.

His site has been banned by Google

Real Raw News can be an Internet site that publishes numerous far-fetched hoaxes. Its false claims tend to be more extreme than most similar misinformation sites. Additionally, it tends to perform multiple stories concerning the exact same hoax. Consequently, it has been banned from Google and other major search engines.

The site bills itself as an independent publisher that explores content that mainstream media ignores. The site’s articles routinely amass 1000s of social media engagements. They’re written in the design of authentic news stories and are usually published in multiple installments.

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