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Hire A Facilitator Expense Or Investment?

by Uneeb Khan

Are you one of those who think that hiring a Professional Facilitator is an expense for your Company? If you keep reading I’m sure you’ll change your mind.

Every day the importance of investing in a Professional Facilitator for the management of personal, group or organizational processes that occur in the different human spaces is recognized more: meetings, assemblies, conflict resolution and negotiation tables, learning encounters, recovery psychosocial post crisis and disasters to name the most important.

Facilitation is an ancient practice that was born with humanity, that is, “Partnering Facilitator” has always existed. The phrase “To lead people, walk behind them” by Lao-Tse dates back to the 4th century BC, and maintains the essence of facilitation, which is to support the changes and transformations of people, groups or organizations, enhancing their resources and optimizing the group process to achieve synergistic results.

Today facilitation is an emerging profession that builds itself day by day based on innovations and exchange of experiences, being able to account for a body of principles, values, methodologies and good practices, where facilitating skills stand out that allow valuing the performance of the facilitator, provide feedback on the strengths and needs of their development and generate confidence in the client knowing that there are clear criteria for selecting Facilitation professionals who know their practice.

Facilitation is recognized for its ability to make people, groups, organizations and communities assume their challenges in a more efficient, participatory and collaborative way, achieving more and better results in less time and at a lower psycho-social cost, all of this of course if there is an expert facilitator in human processes capable of creating climates of respect, security and trust, using methods and tools responsibly based on the needs and requirements of his/her system-client who will also add value to the organizational culture by modeling good communication practices, creativity, commitment, decision making and conflict management.

In short, the Professional Facilitator contributes to:

  • Optimize group time.
  • Achieve productive shares.
  • Stimulate individual and group talent.
  • Guide organizational learning and knowledge management.
  • Arrive at consensus decisions with concrete results based on commitment.
  • Develop group intelligence to address conflicts synergistically.

I invite you to value these intangible returns when deciding whether to hire the services of a Professional Facilitator for your Company….And again the question: Are you one of those who think that hiring a Professional Facilitator is an expense or an investment for your business? After the advantages that I have presented to you, I am sure that you will begin to look at Facilitation as a Business Investment.

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