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by Uneeb Khan

High school and the assignments students get there seem to be hell for many of them. It continues until they realize that the next stage of their life is studying in college. Not all young people have older friends who can tell them about life in college and all like that, and Internet doesn’t always act as a reliable source of information. As a result, uncertainty kills students and often makes them make big mistakes.

Research papers, along with essays, are considered the most commonly assigned academic papers. Logically, the more often you do something, the easier it becomes for you. Unfortunately, this principle doesn’t work with research papers. Students of all academic levels consider them too hard and think that this assignment becomes much more complicated with each following academic level.

This fear makes hundreds of students refuse to continue studying in college and select to search for a job after graduation from high school. And a high percentage of these students have enough skills and aptitudes to showcase themselves and create a clear path to success.

If you also faced the need to make such an important decision and don’t know what expects you, it’s great that you visited this page. So stay here, read this text till the end and be sure that we’ll destroy the misunderstanding you have.

What Is Research Paper Writing And What’s Wrong With It?

A research paper is just one of the forms of academic writing. A student’s task is to deeply explore a certain topic in the field of study. Despite the widespread opinion, empirical research shouldn’t be carried out unless the instructor specifies it in the requirements. Quite often, reviewing 3-4 previously published studies with empirical research is enough to write a research paper.

An ordinary student faces several challenges when they need to write a research paper:

  • Find and analyze the background information concerning a research topic and show an understanding of this info in the introduction.
  • Analyze the studies or articles they reviewed or explain the methodology and the process of conducting an experiment.
  • Analyze the topic and the findings of each research paper cited.
  • Draw conclusions, make suggestions as to further research on this topic, etc.

It may seem there’s nothing wrong with this assignment, but students don’t think so. All these tasks are too challenging for young people who lack time, motivation, and knowledge on how to do it. Moreover, they are burdened with lots of other assignments preventing them from keeping up with the curriculum. If you’re in a similar situation, don’t hesitate and ask for research papers help, no matter whether you’re a school or college student.

Differences Between High School And College-Level Writing

One thing is for sure – a student must know how to write a research paper regardless of their studying level. However, if you can write a high school research paper, it doesn’t mean that you know how to tackle college-level writing. Although it’s one and the same paper, the requirements and rules change a little. Let’s explore this difference deeper.

  1. Research paper structure. High school students can join a research team, access research facilities, and carry out full-fledged research. However, the structure of the papers they submit is a bit simpler if compared to the college level. It’s often enough to have a title page, introduction, main body, conclusion, and bibliography. The college research paper structure has the following elements: title page, abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion, and bibliography.
  2. Audience. One of the key writing principles to keep in mind is to write for a specific audience. It relates to students of all levels. Whereas school students write their research papers for a general audience, college students write for professors or other faculty members. It influences their writing style and the way they present difficult concepts.
  3. Formatting. Writing research papers on a college level is often accompanied by strict formatting requirements: spacing, margins, fonts, citations, and many more elements of formatting should be considered. High school requirements are not so strict, and teachers may not lower the grade for non-compliance with specified rules.
  4. Reasoning. This point echoes the 2nd one in this list a little, but it’s still different enough to be discussed separately. High school thesis statements, arguments, and claims are very general and simple. College statements and arguments should show students’ deep understanding of the chosen topic and rich background knowledge of it.
  5. Paper length. It’s one of the significant differences between these two levels that is often ignored. A high school research paper is average 5-6 pages long, whereas a college paper can be 10-12 pages or even more. Much depends on the chosen topic and the requirements of the professor.

These were the main differences between school and college-level writing. As you see, writing a research paper in college is nothing special and difficult. All information about the necessary structure, writing style, formatting requirements, and length is always included in the professor’s instructions when assigning a paper. So, don’t believe any stereotypes and myths you face.

The Bottom Line

Several decades ago, high school students could do only non-empirical research. Modern high school students have access to research facilities and can gain first-hand research experience. On the one hand, it makes the process of writing more complex, but on the other hand, young people can develop more competencies and skills. As a result, they get prepared for the next stage of their academic journey, and fewer things worry them.

We hope that the information we gathered and shared helped you understand what makes these two levels of study different and you no longer are afraid of applying to college. Of course, you’ll face complicated and exhausting assignments on your way. But they aren’t a good reason to refuse to build a successful career. Remember that you can always ask someone more experienced and skilled to help you with your assignment. Use this opportunity wisely.

annabella stoermer coleman biography, Remember that you can always ask someone more experienced and skilled to help you with your assignment. Use this opportunity wisely.

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