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Instagram Engagement and Likes Rate

by Uneeb Khan

Your friend has liked in thousand, but you just earn a few hundred likes, comments in tens, and shares in ones. So what does it shows? It tells that you have a notably lower engagement rate. But how to increase it? You can buy real Instagram likes, but we have something special for you. IN this writing, you will find about the tips to get a high interaction rate!

If you have an Instagram business, you understand that it is more than selling your item to followers. Instagram is a potent tool for cultivating an online audience and building the brand online.

It has 2 B monthly users, Instagram is the medium with some potential customers.

Enjoy Full Benefits

But to have full benefits, you require an audience and need engagement. You require like,s shares, comments, and others to bring your post in front of people. Remember, the engagement only possesses worth when it is accurate and comes from original people, not the bots. Many suppliers sell fake profiles, and it does nothing then spamming your profile. So, it is best to bring real people or look for the business to buy real picuki Instagram followers Uk.

So, in this blog, you will not find any suggestions regarding engagement pods and engagement groups because you will find something powerful. The tips we picked will work for you. The truth is there are zero shortcuts to gain a high engagement rate. So you get from this handle what you put. Take your time to make great content, begin a conversation, and link with followers realistically.

What does Instagram engagement mean?

So, most of you don’t have a clear idea about the Instagram interaction rates. You mostly think it is the followers and views that count. It is regarding measuring the engagement that your followers do with the post.

Instagram measure the engagement via:

  • DMs
  • Click-Thoughts
  • Branded Tags
  • Mentions (untagged or tagged)
  • growth and followers 
  • Saves
  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Comments

These things are clear evidence that users are not viewing your post. They are attentive in what they like to say. Why do you need to look for the engagement rate?

Firstly it tells that your post is leaving an effect on the audience. Secondly, robust engagement is the main point in algorithms. With the high level of interaction, the chance is high that your content will position high in the feed, drawing more attention and eyes.

How to boost the engagement rate?

So are you looking for the means to increase the interaction rate and draw get more Uk followers? We have collected the practical and top tips to help you in this manner.

Number one tip: Understand your Audience 

So here comes the first most vital tip when it comes to engagement. It is not easy to make the right content if you do not know your target people. It is a must to get an idea about the people demographics it will help tell the kind of:

  • brand voice
  • type of post
  • even times and days to post

Number two tip: Get Real

It is best to be relatable and honest on the social handle than perfect look appearances. Share a post that echoes your branding plan to introduce your business to authentic audiences. So, you also need to show your real side and tell you are real humans, not robots.

You can share behind-the-scene Instagram stories, type the caption with a touch of humor, and more. 

Ownership of your mistakes is also another great thing to do!

Number three tips: Share best images 

So, Instagram is all about visuals, and it is the medium where you can find lovely photos, videos, clips, and more. So you need to work on the image and photos. Make the images that are appealing, informative, yet attractive. For the best images, you do not need any professional photographers. You can use various Instagram filters to create the perfect effect.

Many third-party apps are also there to add a wow touch to your images.

Number four tip: Post Carousels

So once you understand how to create eye-catching and engaging photos, try to post with carousels. The Instagram post consists of many images with high interaction rates. Do you know that the Instagram carousel earns around 3.1 times more interaction than regular content? Usually, the carousel has a high level of interaction rates.

Number five tip: Video Content

So, you cannot ignore the value of videos on Instagram. People love to enjoy the small videos and clips and bring engagement. Recently Instagram has introduced the Reels feature, and it brings significant interaction on the page. Do you know videos get 38% more interaction than standard images?


So what do you think? Are you ready to come in full swing and win the Instagram race?

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