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How to write a professional Article (Complete Guide)

by Businesszag
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Those content writers who generate the best and most good content in a short interval of time are at high demand. It is very necessary to write an article without any pressure or horrible demands. Strict demands and pressure does not help in creating quality articles.

These are some guidelines you should follow to generate quality articles for freelancers and Bloggers.

Have a list of ideas

When your article will hit, nobody knows so that’s why you should have a lot of new ideas at your hand. You should have potential news for your articles. When  Spontaneous ideas come to your mind just write them into your notebook. It will help you when you start the writing, you have already a good start.

Undivided attention

For writing a perfect article, don’t be a multitasking person. A complete and perfect article will be generated if you have complete and undivided attention.

Efficient research

Writing any master-piece article you should have good research about your topic. Be specific in your research for saving time in your article writing.

But spending more time in your research and not reaching the exact information, then try to look for facts and statistics. Then you need to improve your subject matter thesis to adjust.

Keep it Easy and simple

As well as your article being direct and concise you will be able to attract the attention of the readers. Most readers’ reading and attention span are very short and this is very important to keep the reader engaged. Maximum count of words, easy wording, focusing on the point and topic, and eliminating errors will help you in perfect article generation.

Writing in bullets or points

Try to explain your article in points or bullets. This will help the readers to read out the article. Articles having bullets and points experience higher traffic. Search engine algorithms prioritize those articles that have bullet points and subheadings.


While writing the article don’t try to correct the mistakes, this is a very common mistake that every writer do.  Writing and editing are both different things. They need different expertise. Correcting the mistakes during the writing will slow down your speed. Once you have written your article at the end edit it.

Final thoughts

I hope this article will help you to write the best and readers attractive articles. Articles should be concise and topic-related. Follow these guidelines and enjoy the best traffic on your site.  

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