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How To Submit The Automated Complaint Of IEPF Claim?

by Uneeb Khan

Unless the applicant seems to be the registration shareholder’s legitimate owner, replacement, and nomination. It must first make sure that perhaps the firm has accomplished the treatment given and also has given an authorization certificate to that same personal representative before filing the IEPF Application with said appropriate authorities.

Indemnity bonds should be sent in the native incarnation, including copies of the acknowledgment and also the IEPF claim e-form that have been self-attested. Here the company’s Department Manager was at its principal place of business in what seemed like a package labeled “Application for such a reimbursement through IEPF Administration.”

The relevant firm will evaluate required documents depending on the industry’s demonstrated potential and after they have been filled out completely.


Since the time of such pronouncement of something like the return on capital must be forwarded, including interest that has managed to accumulate, to that same Investment bank School and Safeguards Fund (IEPF).

The individual whose own any sum or portion has indeed been moved to that same IEPF claim may submit an automated complaint in Application IEPF-5 to that same Authority established by Legislation. Each person who received an unrealized or underpaid sum deposited towards the Shareholder Educational and Safeguards Program by the corporation may request a reimbursement from the IEPF Administration.


The quantity but also share capital must match those on the application IEPF-5. Such figures can indeed be determined using the defendant’s documentation or by getting confirmation from the business. Differences arise in the outstanding shares or even the value, nevertheless, does not constitute a reason to deny the application.

The case will be processed based mainly mostly on the company’s demonstrated potential, which will then be cross-checked against the council’s data. If dividends or the marketplace value of the securities are being refunded, non-judicial stamping papers of the decent rate, as specified by state law, are needed. Indemnification bonds may be completed on parchment for claims of just Rs. 10,000 or a little less.


The corporation must provide the document outlining the specifics of the transference to that same IEPF Administration inside the authorized format, IEPF-5, and indeed the government will produce a certificate as evidence of the transference.

Shareholders, where the income has not been received or reclaimed for further than 7 years straight, must be surrendered towards the IEPF first by a corporation, which must also provide a declaration outlining this same transfer’s specifics. 


This same IEPF Administration will provide a reimbursement via bank payment to the beneficiaries’ Aadhaar-linked financial institutions. The e-Form completion process is straightforward. Anyone literate person can fill out such an e-Form without assistance if the information is simply written out.

The recommended Form is quite easy to fill out and extremely exact. For any assistance needed in completing the form, some general instruction package is also supplied. This same IEPF helpdesk could also be called for more assistance. No professionals have been elected or given impanels by the IEPF Administration. The IEPF 5 Application is easy for policyholders to complete as well as fill out.

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For Indian citizens, self-certified copies of their Pan Identification, as well as Aadhar Card, must be supplied to demonstrate their identification. Throughout the instance of an NRI, that claimant must provide an identical copy of their identification or maybe an Out Indian Identification provided more by Government in addition to all other documentation they may have on hand.

In the instance of immigrants, an authenticated photocopy of such a certificate and PIO certificate should be used in place of the Identity Proof.

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