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How to Set Up a Clinic in Dubai?

by Uneeb Khan
Clinic in Dubai

Since Dubai offers various business opportunities, the country is becoming increasingly popular among people. Many investors prefer setting up a clinic in Dubai as they are easier to operate and the running charges are comparatively less. In setting up healthcare businesses without any trouble, the UAE has rolled out well-defined laws to facilitate investors. With the world’s best medical practitioners, Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) is an ideal location to start a healthcare business. This blog details how to set up a clinic in Dubai

Business setup in Dubai is continuing to grow exponentially with its vast population. It is ideal to consult with relevant authorities regarding where to set up the clinic as they would direct the investor towards the most preferable location. Company formation in Dubai becomes much easier with business setup consultants as they would furnish all the documents for setting up a medical clinic in the UAE. 

Procedures for Setting Up Clinic in Dubai 

The entrepreneur has to be either a director with relevant qualifications for setting up a clinic in Dubai or they should have a medical degree. To open a clinic in Dubai, a basic degree in medicine isn’t just enough rather the individual is supposed to be certified by the Dubai Healthcare Authority (DHA). Also, knowing to read and write the English language is necessary. 

The following are the procedures to set up a clinic in Dubai: 

Reserve a Trade Name 

Entrepreneurs must get their trading name registered and should get a medical clinic license to open a medical clinic in Dubai. This is the very first step the business person must undertake. The investor is asked to submit an online application for getting this done. They can then submit it to the Department of Economic Development which would do the trade name registration. 

Get the Initial Approval 

The entrepreneur must get initial approval from the Department of Economic Development after reserving the trade name. An additional application is required to be submitted by the applicant to the Department of Economic Development for acquiring the same. The applicant’s passport must also be included in it. The Dubai Municipality has to sanction the architectural plan of the clinic along with the drawings. Therefore, separate approval is required in this phase. 

Obtain Approval from the Department of Healthcare Authority (DHA) 

The letter of consent from the DHA or the Department of Healthcare Authority is the most important document that an entrepreneur requires. The overall health-related facilities in Dubai are monitored and regulated by the DHA. Their approval matters the most since it is the main government body taking care of healthcare services in Dubai. Some needed documents are to be provided for the initial approval although the approval may take up to 10 days. 

The documents such as passport and visa copies of the owner and partners, proposal letter from the owner or who is having the power of attorney, Emirates ID of the owner and partners, and affection plan from Ejari or Municipality are to be submitted to the DHA. Also, the DHA undertaking letter, layout for the facility approved by the Municipality, and copy of the facility’s trade name reservation letter from the DED or respective free zone should be presented before the Department of Healthcare Authority. 

Submit the Documents 

To register the specialty clinic of the investor, they are required to submit all the necessary documents. To register, the investor has to provide a lease agreement, Memorandum of Association (MoA), Articles of Association, etc. To avoid procedural delays, they must make sure to double-check the details provided. 

Get the Final Approval from the Department of Economic Development (DED)

Along with all the executed documents, registration fee, and a photocopy of the initial approval, the investor is required to submit a final trade license issued by the DED or free zone authority, a valid building contract, and a list of healthcare professionals and medical directors. The owner should also provide a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the owner to assign a Medical Director. 

Get the Licence 

To get the DHA license, the investor has to create an account in the DHA official portal. This is the very last step to setting up a clinic in Dubai. All the detailed documentation of the medical professionals is required to be submitted by the candidate. They must also submit the documentation of the consultants who are supposed to work in the clinic. The investor will be provided with a license after the verification of the documents by the DHA. Once the documents are verified, the investor can start a clinic in Dubai. 

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Benefits and Scope of Setting Up a Clinic in Dubai 

In the healthcare industry in the UAE, the local and national government of the country has given valuable support to outclass the healthcare system in a way to develop their country. For both its citizens and foreigners, such vital opportunities are opening the door to building an essential infrastructure system. In Setting up various healthcare facilities and research centers in Dubai, the government of Dubai has always played a crucial role in encouraging investors and healthcare professionals. 

Irrespective of business jurisdiction, the government provides concession and monetary benefits to healthcare ventures to facilitate those services. There is a huge benefit of medical tourism in Dubai as the emirate has already evolved into a medical hub. The clinic can benefit from foreign clients when they provide world-class treatments focusing on specialist sectors. To satisfy increasing medical requirements, the government is also ready to endorse the PPP (Public-Private Partnership) model. 

In the growth of the healthcare sector, the introduction of compulsory health insurance has positive implications due to an increase in several non-transmissible diseases in the population. Setting up a clinic in Dubai helps entrepreneurs benefit from avoiding tax payments and repatriating 100% profit to their native countries. It guarantees a steady income for the investors as the business undertaking comes under the category of public utility and is a prerogative of learned professionals. 

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