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How to Make Your Life More Sustainable in 2022?

by Uneeb Khan
How to Make Your Life More Sustainable

Is it possible to change your life as an adult? It may take some time but yes, it is possible. If you look around, you will always see someone struggling in their career, or at home, or at something as simple as managing their homes. On the other side, you may also see those who are excelling at all those parts of life that you wish to be true for yourself too. 

Hence it makes you upgrade your lifestyle too, doesn’t it? Whether it’s about renting a place in a better neighborhood or buying a house in new societies like gulberg executive society in Multan, there’s a long checklist that eventually needs to be checked, right?

So whether you want to become motivated, or become your own boss, and move to a better location, this short guide will help you take the next step. 

How to bring change in your life?

There are no hard and fast rules that lead to the perfect work-life balance. If you are trying to turn things around, here’s what you need to do. 

1- Make up your mind 

It is an obvious route to changing your life but it is also the most difficult part of the equation too. People interested in making significant changes in their life are reluctant too. It turns out it doesn’t happen that often. Why? Because changing your life plans is scary, and there are several obstacles too. 

So, depending on your wants and needs, one has the power to make the necessary shift step by step. Perhaps pursuing the dream to buy a home in Gulberg Executive Society in Multan was the first step you needed to better control your life. Or it could be any other life-altering investment you always wanted to invest in? Whichever direction you choose, be persistent. 

2- Learn to step out comfort zone 

Discomfort is the first rule to learn once you’ve taken the first step towards change. Stepping out of your comfort zone takes immense courage and willpower. The very essence of growth is to move towards the unknown, something you haven’t experienced before. 

So adopt the habit of stepping out of your comfort zone at every turn you get. It could be something as simple as managing your financial plans, taking a fitness class, or even exploring new routes to different locations. 

3- Identify your needs 

Got a family of five? If so, your priority is to upgrade your lifestyle. Becoming the owner of your own property makes you feel like the boss, life seems better right? But even then what type of home do you really want? Is it an apartment or an independent house? 

Question yourself to identify your needs. Write down the aspects that you plan to improve with your new plan and make a second column to list down the destructive habits that become obstacles to fulfilling your needs. However, avoid dwelling too much on negative thoughts. 

4- Redefine the changes you want 

So, it’s about time to list the transformation factors of your life. Make a list, to begin with, like 

  • Switch to a better job 
  • Find a new home in housing societies in Multan 
  • Explore new destinations 
  • Make new friends 
  • Stop procrastinating 
  • Take an online course etc. 

As soon as you identify the transformation changes you need, do not listen to that voice inside your head that makes you doubt everything. Remember – be persistent in your choices. 

5- Set a SMART goal 

Here’s the deal, a SMART goal is applicable in all phases of life, be it professional or personal. 

Your goal should be: 

  • Specific – Have a clear goal. 
  • Measurable – Set a deadline to meet your target. 
  • Achievable – Ensure your goal is realistic and doable within the deadline. 
  • Relevant – A Goal must change your life for the better. 
  • Time-bound – Motivate yourself by setting a deadline. 


To make your life more sustainable, you need to follow this short guideline. You may get stressed and it may also take longer to achieve your SMART goals. But if you really want to change your life for the better, prepare yourself for all storms and obstacles, keep an open mind, and if need be seek help from your close friends, family, and even professionals.

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