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How to Make Your House Look Expensive

by Uneeb Khan
How to Make Your House Look Expensive

If you’ve been feeling the itch to change something about your house because the new year is coming up, we’ll give you plenty of ideas. Each one on this list will also make your house look expensive, so choose the ones that fit your decor perfectly.

Tidy it up

Before you decide to spend a fortune on making your house look expensive, why not start by doing the simple things? Tidy your home first. When we look at magazine pictures of these gorgeous homes, we all observe the same thing – the place is clutter free and tidy. If you struggle with keeping your place tidy looking for the majority of the time, set up a timer for 30 minutes daily and get things in order continuously.

Clear surfaces of all the clutter

Next, you need to clear the clutter. Luxurious homes are not crowded with furniture, sculptures, trinkets, books, magazines, etc. Just because you have a clear surface in your living room, it doesn’t mean that you need to fill it with stuff. So clear all surfaces of e accumulated clutter over the years. It will be easier to clean and your space will look more spacious.

Downsize your belongings

Once you start decluttering the small stuff, it might be time to downsize the bigger stuff like your belongings. If you never throw things out, you won’t even create room for new things. Clutter-free spaces are another feature of luxurious places. You need less to lead a more enjoyable life, that’s why people are so into minimalism even within their interior. So, take the lead and downsize your belongings.

Add layers

If you want to dress up your room in luxury, use layers. Layers can be viewed as details that elevate a piece of furniture. For example, you can add velvet decorative pillows in rich colors to your neutral sofa and armchair. Or, you can throw a woven or fake fur blanket on your sofa. The same can be applied to your coffee table by adding elements of different textures like bras, glass, or metal.

Introduce art

Nothing speaks luxury like an impressive piece of art. It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, it just has to blend nicely with your overall room style. But, if you want it to look expensive, the painting has to be painted, and the brush strokes have to be visible. Don’t go for printed art because these aren’t as luxurious as real paintings. If this piece of art creates a unique focal point, consider adding gallery light to it to emphasize it.

Have fresh flowers

Well, any type of flower will create a touch of luxury in your house. A flower vase can be a focal point on your coffee table or your dining table. You just need to fill it with flowers. They don’t have to be the most expensive bouquet out there to leave a good impression.

You can also trick everyone around you by getting some plastic flowers that resemble real ones. You can get two or three different arrangements and swap them up. When you need something vibrant, put orange or purple flowers in your vase. If you need something sophisticated and fresh looking, go for white flowers.

Update your window treatments

If you’re one of those people who feel like the most luxurious thing for your house is to not have any window treatments, this is your cue to change your mind. If you’re looking for that luxe effect, that will instantly change the room vibe, go for floor-length curtains by Marlow & Finch. If you’re not sure which style will fit your home best, you can also schedule an in-home consultation with their design experts and get curtains that perfectly fit your home. You can also match the metal color of curtain rods and brackets to other decorative elements in the room to create a cohesive effect.

Create a feature wall

A feature wall is your go-to trick to make your house look expensive. The only difference between a simple-looking feature wall and an expensive-looking feature wall is in the material used. If you use natural stone or any other luxurious material, the room will instantly look striking. But, before you decide to create a feature wall, you need to consider the entire interior design of the room in question. The wall has to seamlessly complement the design, not just stand out.

Use decorative wall elements

There are also other ways to decorate a wall apart from art, feature wall, wallpapers, and others. You can add moldings to the walls and improve the interior design. You can easily achieve this by hiring professionals who’ll know which type of material is ideal for your walls. You will add depth to your walls, create a luxury effect and turn boring white walls into an elegant and modern home.

Add mirrors

Mirrors add depth to a room. They can visually enlarge the room if you find a perfect place for a mirror. They also add expensive touch, especially if you use a mirror for decorative purposes only. They come in different shapes, sizes, and frame materials. So, if you want to add some texture to your room, go for the metallic silver frame.

Create layers with different lighting fixtures

Another way to add layers to a room is to layer different lighting fixtures. In practice, this means adding different sources of light, which you can use interchangeably, depending on your needs. If you need the right light, you’ll turn on the overhead light. When you need to dim the light, you can turn on the table lamp or a wall lamp.

Replace old things

Sometimes you need to replace old furniture pieces with brand-new ones to achieve an expensive interior design. This doesn’t mean that each newly bought piece has to blow your budget. On the contrary, it can fit into your budget but the sheer novelty will add that expensive vibe to your home. New things always look expensive, even if you bought them at a fair price.

We’ve talked about twelve different ways to make your house look more expensive. Each one will fit your budget and you’ll be happy with the vibes it creates.

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