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 If you decide to renovate your bathroom and redesign it, you need to find a source of inspiration. It can be a beautiful collection of ceramic tiles, an original bathtub, a chest of drawers, or just an accessory. If the budget is not limited, you can choose finishing materials in the bathroom supply store plumbing and bathroom furniture without looking at prices. But even in economy mode, you should not take your eyes off luxury items: their design usually serves as a benchmark. And just a year or two after the unique bathroom vanities collection release, similar and quite affordable products appear in stores and salons. So the main thing is to catch inspiration and understand your desires, and there is an opportunity to realize them.

 Fashionable bathroom tile 

In the latest fashion (and this trend will continue to influence in the future) – large-format tiles can be laid on the floor and walls with a minimum of seams, creating almost monolithic surfaces. But no less relevant is the mosaic: pieces of smalt create a pixelated pattern that looks good in both spacious and modest bathrooms. Beautiful plumbing. The choice of plumbing and 36 inch bathroom vanity is always a matter of taste and personal preferences, which are not dominated by fashion and market conditions. Some like to shower, and they do not need a bath. Others cannot imagine life without a jacuzzi or sauna. Someone prefers ultra-modern models with an almost cosmic design, loves eco-style and natural materials, and dreams of a classic model of a bathtub with lion’s feet. There is a suitable option for everyone

Shower faucets 

Among the fashionable faucets today, the most unusual ones are cosmic shapes and lighting. Many choose a shower with a wide watering can, from which water flows in tropical rain mode. And the most trendy is a curly jet in the form of a spiral, a grid, or a waterfall. Even an ordinary shower or faucet is now becoming an intelligent accessory. You can set the required water temperature once and no longer worry that, for example, a child may get burned when bathing on his own. Shells today can be found not only in different shapes: shells, rings, aquariums with live fish, mugs, and even in the form of a gutter, but also in various materials: glass, stone, centuries-old wood, plastic, and so on. An actual design project is required to fit such an unusual object into the bathroom’s interior. 

Where to show your imagination, if not in the bathroom? 

Toilets and bidets. These bathroom items have recently surprised more and more with their intellect. They not only open the lid themselves when you approach but can also heat the seat to the desired temperature and turn on music or night lights. After use, the turbo flush is automatically turned on for some devices (there is no other way to call them). And some of them can be controlled by phones. Luxurious bathroom furniture It is not interesting to talk about practical and concise bathroom cabinets and chests of drawers, even if nothing compares to them in terms of convenience and quality of materials that are not afraid of hot wet steam and cosmetics – the most aggressive inhabitants of bathrooms. The exception is models in bright colors. The main thing is to choose the shade that will not get bored in six months. But classic bathroom furniture, sophisticated, whimsical, with rich finishes, is an option worth admiring. Bathroom accessories: A few bright details can make even a standard bathroom cozy and elegant. Moreover, it is for this reason that many homemakers choose neutral-colored tiles and modest furniture – they want to change the bathroom’s interior at any time with the help of new spectacular accessories. It is much more difficult to get tired of such an interior than a trendy or unusual bathroom design.

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