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How to Make Custom Tote Bags a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

by Uneeb Khan
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Promotional products are an effective and smart way to advertise your business and increase brand awareness without having to pay for ad spaces on the internet.

Without the immense competition in online marketing, customers are more likely to forget about a company they’ve seen an ad for in less than a day. So, using a physical product that they use daily will make them remember your brand.

Tote bags are a perfect promotional item that can get your brand’s message across to potential customers. Here’s how you can successfully use custom tote bags as a part of your marketing strategy.

Use Tote Bags to Represent Your Brand

The first and arguably most important step is creating a design for your tote bags. If you rush the process and start creating poorly made tote bags, it’s going to leave a bad impression on your customers and they’ll likely end up in the back of the drawer.

If you have an in-house designer, have them design custom tote bags that align perfectly with your brand. You should also add social media accounts and contact details so potential customers can engage with your brand.

Make Your Custom Bags Appealing

The goal is for people to use the bag and carry it around wherever they go. So, they need to be attractive, not only to other people but also to the people using them. Try using various colors, and funny slogans, and adding unique touches to it like embroidery.

Young people love to stand out from their peers so create totes that have unique details that are abundantly used in the market.

Don’t Use Low-Quality Material

No one’s going to use your promotional tote bags if they start to wear out or rip apart after a few uses. High-quality tote bags that can carry loads of stuff without ripping and stay fresh for a long time will naturally invite people to use them.

Tote bags come in a variety of materials and different ranges of thickness. 8 oz cotton tote bags are lightweight and low budget yet still have good durability, making them perfect for promotional use.

Highlight Your Tote Bags as Eco-friendly

Consumers these days care a lot more about whether the products and product packaging a business uses are sustainable, ethically sourced, and eco-friendly or not. The majority of customers are more likely to purchase products from a company that contributes to helping the environment.

When you introduce your custom cotton tote bags, you can include a note about using environmentally-friendly products and encourage customers to use them for the good of the planet instead of plastic bags.

Market Tote Bags as Limited-edition

People will eventually get bored if you use the same design on your tote bags forever. To keep it fresh and interesting, you can promote tote bags as a limited edition collectible for your customers and fans of your merchandise.

This is especially helpful if you have a video game company or toy store where you can launch tote bags for specific series for a limited time. Additionally, you can create holiday-themed tote bags for Halloween, Easter, Christmas, etc.

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