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How to Improve the Reputation of Your Café or Restaurant

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Whether you have been managing and running your own café or restaurant for many years now and have built a core base of loyal customers, or else are just about to launch your new eatery and are looking for ways to build your presence, you have come to the right place.

Here is how to improve the reputation of your café or restaurant.

Actively Ask for Reviews

One of the most obvious and certainly the easiest to think about, is that you and the rest of your team should start being proactive when it comes to asking for reviews.

You will no doubt have experiencedvisiting a restaurant, one which you thoroughly enjoyed, and your waitress scribbles her name on the back of the receipt next to the venue’s website.

Unless you were absolutely floored by the service, it is highly unlikely that from this act alone, you would remember once you got home to actually leave a review. If you are serious about and dedicated to improving the overall reputation of your business, make it a priority to ask happy customers for reviews and ratings. Give them a slip of card they can fill out and leave behind – once they’ve left your premises you are much less likely to get that review.

Treat the Venue to a Cheap & Effective Makeover

Little things can always make a huge difference – for instance, if you have never changed the wall art over the counter of your café, it can start to look and feel date. Invest just a little money in a lick of paint and new artwork to give yourself a quick and effective makeover.

Consider bringing in some greenery, with easy-to-maintain plants in the window of your restaurant and ensure that every single member of your staff is fully versed in how to set a table, clear a table and serve food and drink.

Think About Outside Aesthetics

Not only should your eatery always be neat, clean, tidy and attractive inside, but the same should always be said of the outside of your restaurant front too, not least due to the ‘Instagrammable’ nature of society today.

One strongly advisable investment with this in mind is to invest in latest technology known as the mosquito device, which acts as a deterrent for groups of teenagers and people potentially looking to cause trouble in and around the perimeter of a business.

Additionally, ensure that all outside signage is always kept clean and looking new, as you are unlikely to attract new customers with dirty, unprofessional or broken restaurant signs.

Always Remember the Personal Touch

Even if you are facing a busy day, packed full of large table bookings and perhaps operating on a less than desirable staffing level, it is incredibly important, regardless of the size or reach of your eatery, to always apply the personal touch.

To you a table of eight celebrating a birthday or other milestone is simply another booking, but to them, they have chosen to enjoy their special day at your restaurant, either on a whim, recommendation, or else as a loyal repeat customer.

The key to a good reputation, which applies not only to cafes and restaurants but also to any business, is making the customer or client feel as if they are special and that you have pulled out all the stops in order to make their experience second to none.

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