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How to help an inexperienced gun owner

by Uneeb Khan

Dry firing is defined as using a firearm to simulate the firing of a weapon without live ammunition or practicing firing a weapon using a laser with a training feedback facility. There are a great deal of benefits that dry firing a weapon can provide, especially if you train with a full-fledged virtual shooting range. Usually a special mobile app is purchased in addition to the training laser weapon. Owners of firearms should take part in and practice using a dry firing method to familiarize themselves with their weapons and improve their skills. It is an inexpensive and time saving method for gun owners to perfect their skills.
The National Rifle Association notes that all gun owners are safe to take part in dry firing their weapon unless they have rimfire guns or they have an older single action revolver. Dry firing can damage the firing pins on these types of guns and are advised to not participate. An alternative for gun owners with these types of guns would be to obtain dummy/inert ammunition or snap caps. These protect the gun from damaging the firing pin and still provide a solution to being dry fired. The key to dry firing is to do it safely! Always verify that the weapon is empty of any live ammunition. Double verify! One of the main objectives that most firearm owners strive for is to be a good shot. There are many variables that play into whether a person is considered an expert shooter or not. In an article produced by the NRA, “Three to four times a week is probably plenty of time to devote. Work on your basics of sight picture, trigger squeeze and breath control”, (Wilson 2020). In my experience in the Navy, we dry fire weapons using dummy ammunition and using stimulated ranges with lasers in the guns. This is done before every live ammunition range exercise. The idea behind it is to ensure that everyone shooting the weapon is familiar with how to use it and how to do remedial action in the event of a malfunction. Otherwise, a person who is unfamiliar with the weapon could accidentally pose as a safety threat and be removed from the range or negligently discharge their weapon. Owners who choose to dry fire their guns can only reap the benefits of cost savings on ammunition, time efficiency of doing so in the comfort of your own home and not having to clean the gun afterwards! It is important to note that dry firing does not replace live fire training. According to Smith & Wesson, there are five types of gun handling skills when doing a dry firing exercise that can make a more confident shooter. Those types are basic gun handling, efficient pick-ups, drawing from the holster, changing magazines and precision practice. Whether a person is an experienced or inexperienced gun owner, dry firing can keep owners skills sharp!
In conclusion, remember that safety is always the priority and dry fire away! Happy shooting to my law abiding 2nd amendment supporters!

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