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How to Get Khula in Pakistan? Legal Process

by Mohamed Ali

Procedure of How to Get Khula in Pakistan:

 If you need information on how to get khula in Pakistan and divorce procedure in Pakistan, you may contact us. There is some polygamy among low-income families in Bangladesh. However, this is more like a serial form of polygamy. Men continue to marry and get divorced, but they wouldn’t keep two wives at once. Two wives can only be kept on a specific basis for how to get khula in Pakistan and divorce procedure in Pakistan.

 Existing laws in Bangladesh on Polygamy:

Polygamy is permitted by Bangladeshi law. A man can have up to four wives. However, a woman cannot have more than one husband. The Muslims Family Law Ordinance 1961 restricts this. It states that if a man wishes to marry twice, he must obtain permission from the arbitration board. Only the first wife will be allowed to give her consent. It will also depend on the physical condition of the wife.

 These are the problems:

 Sterility Infirmity Inability to be physically healthy for the conjugal relationship The wife’s current husband is insane These grounds are no longer valid due to medical advances today and challenging the law on how to get khula in Pakistan and divorce procedure in Pakistan. Today, there is artificial insemination, test-tube babies, and many couples in Bangladesh who opt for this method to have children. These problems are not eligible for a second marriage.

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A man can request a divorce from his first wife if he marries twice without permission from the arbitrators. She can also ask for her dower, send him to jail, or fine her. However, the law does not apply to women who have children or a part of the family that has been ruined by the second marriage. This is why a woman who wants to divorce her husband should not do so.

Divorce Procedure in Pakistan:

As how to get khula in Pakistan and divorce procedure in Pakistan can have devastating consequences for women. It is a good thing that Bangladeshis know that it is wrong to marry a second woman. They understand that if a woman doesn’t want to remarry because of her husband’s sterility, then this husband should marry another wife. In the 1939 Muslim Marriage Act, Harm (or Zarar) was mentioned. It has been stated that women can request a divorce in civil marriages. Harm is also already in law, and a woman doesn’t have to prove it as in Pakistan.

Understand the Law:

Men are trying to understand the law in the most appropriate way, so it is recommended that the Arbitration Council chairperson should be a mature woman. These cases will pass through the Family Court. It is recommended that the Family Court judge on how to get khula in Pakistan and divorce procedure in Pakistan be a woman. Finally, the Family Court Ordinance should contain a provision that allows the court to take legal action against men who violate the law.

 The context of Egypt:

 Polygamy Scholars generally believe that polygamy cannot be touched because it is mentioned in the Quran. No one can invalidate or touch the Quranic text. They believe that if the first wife is not fertile or has a defect, then the man can marry her again. The second marriage, they suggest, is better for the first spouse than separation or divorce.

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