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How to Get a New Phone Number for Your Business

by Uneeb Khan

Does your business need a new phone number? It can be difficult to find where to get a number with a service that’s appropriate for your needs. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to get a new phone number, what to look for in a provider, and where you can get an affordable phone system.


So, if it’s previously been difficult for you to discover how to get a new phone number that’s well-priced and accessible, with good VoIP services rest assured that you have far more options now.

Why Now’s the Time to Get a New Business Phone Number

Business owners are used to bootstrapping and keeping operations fiscally tight. In the past, this has usually included avoiding excess telecom use.

Some entrepreneurs would run their entire business on their personal cell phones. Other business owners would use one standard line for their entire operation.

Staying lean is great. But only when necessary and not when it prevents you from ramping up productivity, improving your business, and reaping a high ROI.

Business numbers are very affordable and easily acquired. You can and should get as many as your company needs.

Are you still using workarounds to compensate for not having the business phone numbers you need? That might have been a sharp business strategy in the past but is no longer necessary and will only limit your growth potential.

How to Get a New Phone Number

This is a fairly straightforward process as long as you know a few insider tips that can prevent you from choosing the wrong option.

Here’s how to get a new phone number that’s right for your business.

H3: Decide What Kind of Number You Want

You can get toll-free numbers, custom vanity numbers, regional numbers, international, or keep your own.

Toll-free numbers are used so that customers can call you from any area without having to pay charges or long-distance fines. These are appropriate when you want a non-localized business appearance.

Get a toll-free number if you have several locations, serve customers who are located across a broad region, sell digital products, or provide remote services.

Toll-free numbers can also be used by anyone who wants a larger, corporate appearance.

Vanity numbers spell out a word, name, or acronym on the keypad. They can also be easy-to-remember numbers, such as 800-555-4444. You can get local or toll-free custom vanity numbers.

A local number has a specific region’s area code. These are great for regional businesses or anyone who wants to develop a hyper-local presence.

International numbers are from around the globe. If you do business outside the US or serve global customers, you may want an international number to make things more convenient and cost-effective for them or to appear local.

If you already have a business number but want to get a new one or change your service, you’ll also need the ability to port your existing number over.

Determine Your Preferred Device

How do you want to use this service? On your mobile phone, desktop/tablet, or would you like the feel of a traditional desk phone?

If mobile is the way, make sure there’s a full-service user-friendly app. Make sure the app caters to both iOS and Android even if you prefer one or the other, as this introduces more resilience into your business.

If you want a traditional desk phone, your business communication provider should be compatible with top-of-the-line phones.

Once you’ve considered this, it’s time to find a business phone provider.

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