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How to combine NFT Domain with Twitter

by Uneeb Khan

NFTs have become a popular medium on the web and are a core tenant of the “web 3” narratives where people will trade digital representations such as art online. NFT’s most popular use case has been to mint digital art, which has drawn many debates about what ownership involves and there are many critics of the NFT art use case.

While the overwhelming attention on NFTs remains on art and collectables, it’s not the only way people are using it, and it has found a home as a gaming asset, as well as a way to differentiate yourself online. 

If you’re a fan of Twitter and NFTs then you’re in luck because there are several ways you can combine your social media account with NFTs. 

NFT profile pictures

If you’re an avid Twitter user, you can showcase one of your NFTs as your profile picture. This feature only supports static image NFTs (formatted as JPEG, PNG) minted on the Ethereum blockchain, for example, ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens, so make sure you’re using a compatible chain and format if you want yours to display.

To connect your NFT profile picture, it’s all a simple process; press edit profile, tap on your profile picture and select the NFT option.:

  • Select your crypto wallet from a list of supported wallets.
  • Twitter will generate a verification request message to your wallet address. You’ll be asked to confirm that you hold the private keys of your crypto wallet by signing a transaction. This can be done within your crypto wallet app or by scanning the QR code on the screen.

Once Twitter confirms you’re signing the rights to that NFT, it will be updated with an enhanced NFT profile picture with all the details and links to your NFT collection.

NFT domains for payments

If you have an NFT domain, you can connect a host of wallets on the backend and use it as a payment method; for example, if you hold the rights to the domain “payme.NFT” users who want to tip you can do so by simply grabbing your domain name and pasting it as an address in their wallet. 

This makes it easier to receive payments and allows you to easily create a tipping jar for anyone who wants to support your online efforts. Once you’ve set up your domain with payments enabled, you can add it to your Twitter Bio link or as a pinned tweet on your profile, so it’s easy for users to find your wallet address. 

NFT domains to showcase yourself

In the NFT market and online space in general, there are tonnes of scams, fraudsters and impersonates who try to use people’s identities to misguide users online. 

To help domains distinguish your profile from one of the fake ones, NFT domains with Chainlink enabled can help consolidate online entries by connecting web 3.0 assets with web 2.0 assets. 

The first roll-out has been Twitter, which has naturally been the social media site for crypto enthusiasts. What you can do is connect your Twitter profile to your NFT domain so that people who view your NFT domain can find your official Twitter and are assured that this is the correct one and that posts are coming from your account. 


Twitter has really begun to embrace the “web 3” side of the internet by adding so many connections with NFTs and building a bustling NFT community in the process. Every day more and more people are using the #NFT, and the movement is growing all the time. If you want to get involved in this community, then some of the steps we’ve mentioned above might be a good place to start if you want to get into the good books of this particular internet audience. 

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