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How To Choose A Curly Hair Extension Color: The right extension shade for your curl pattern

by Uneeb Khan
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Hair extensions can add length, volume, or color to your natural hair. Every curly girl has unique color and texture, making finding the right hair extension for them much more difficult. In the same way, you would select a hairstyle, and you need to select the right hair extension color.

Curly Hair Extension Colors

Choosing the right curly hair extensions color for you is an important decision. The right shade of your natural color will enhance your natural curls and make them look more defined and vibrant.

Understanding Color Level

Each curl pattern requires a different hair extension color to achieve the desired look. If you’re unsure about what shade works best for your particular curl pattern, it’s helpful to know the hair extension color levels that are available to choose one that will be most flattering on you:

Lightest: Hair extensions with a level 5 or 6 (natural) appear very close in tone to your hair. They are often used by women who wear their hair straight or wavy or curly or kinky curly hair and want to add dimension or volume without having the appearance of wearing colored highlights. Women who have fine or thinning hair may also use the lightest shades because they provide extra shine and body without adding bulk.

Medium: Hair extensions with a level 7 or 8 (natural) appear slightly darker than your natural shade but can still be worn with any curl pattern. Medium shades may also be used by women who want a natural finish.

Dark: A dark shade is a great choice for those with thick, coily curls. This type of hair has a natural tendency to curl under the surface of your scalp, which can be hard to style. A dark shade will cover this tendency, giving you a polished look without the hassle of styling your hair.

Determining Your Natural Color Level

When you’re ready to choose a hair extension color, you’ll want to consider your natural color level. The depth of your natural hair color will likely determine your best shade. Lighter tones may be more flattering than deeper shades if you have medium-dark brown or black hair and are looking to add highlights. If you have very light blonde or golden-blonde hair, choosing a dark red or burgundy may be more flattering than something lighter.

Choosing a Hair Extension Color for You

The right extension color will also depend on your style goals. For example, if you’re going for an ombre look with gradual color shifts, choosing an extension color that is compatible with your natural shade and tone is important. Many curly girls love the versatility they can achieve with these extensions such as passion twist hair!


Choosing a colored extension is no easy feat. You want to ensure the color blends with your natural hair and matches your skin tone. A good place to start is with your wardrobe. Find the pieces in your closet that inspire you, and use that as a starting point for finding your perfect shade of extensions.

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