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How to check Telenor number

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Telenor sim check code

Sometimes we forget our most important thing. If we have more than one sim then it is pretty sure that we have forgotten the number of those sims. Do you have a Telenor sim and want how to check the number of my Telenor sim?

It is a common factor to forget something. Here is some way which helps to find out your Telenor sim number.

Methods for checking out Telenor number

Method #1

  • Go to the general text message app
  • Create an empty message
  • And send it to 7421
  • Wait for the reply
  • You will receive the message of your Telenor number

Method #2

  • Don’t worry if you are out of balance
  • Dial 7421 from your keypad and press the call button
  • This will generate an auto-response message
  • You will receive your Telenor sim number

Method #3

If you want your number from the Telenor app then here are some steps, should be followed

  • Open play store
  • Install My Telenor app
  • Open the app and click on the start button
  • It will automatically fetch your Telenor sim number

Method #4

  • For talking directly to the Telenor representative, here you need these
  • Your own name
  • CNIC
  • IMSI number (written on the backside of your sim)
  • If you have all this information then dial 345 from your phone and start following the instructions to provide them with all the information. If you give the right information and follow the instruction then he will give you, your Telenor sim number.

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