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How to check sims by CNIC

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how to check sim against cnic

In the past, you can buy a lot of sims as you want, but now due to some illegal outcomes and activities, you can buy sims against your CNIC. Here we will guide you, on how to check sims by CNIC. This registered system of sims was introduced in 2009 by PTA. So in this way, nobody can misuse your sims because every sim subscriber has a digital record.

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How many SIMs you can be registered against your CNIC?

a limited number of SIMs you can subscribe to. This is a regulation by the PTA, that only 5 SIMs can be registered against any individual CNIC. No more SIMs if you have already bought 5, if you want another one then you have to block any of them.

How can I check the number of SIMs against my CNIC?

For checking of SIM card against your CNIC, you must know about these two ways.


  • For checking, Go to the PTAs official SIMS card information website.
  • Open the link and enter your information.
  • Enter CNIC
  • Solve that you are not a robot
  • Then click on Submit.
  • A list will be open, which shows the list of SIM cards registered against your CNIC.


  • Through SMS you can check how many SIMs are registered against your CNIC.
  • Open the message App.
  • Type your CNIC without any space and hyphens(-).
  • Send it to 668.
  • You will get a message in which the total number of SIMs will be listed.
  • Charges will be Rs2+tax.

Note that, if you have more than 5 registered SIMs against your CNIC then you must contact your Customer Service center.

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