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How to check Jazz number Latest 2022

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Having many sim cards results in forgetting their number. Maybe you have problems remembering each of them. One of them is Jazz, Don’t worry you are at the right place for how to check the Jazz number.

Jazz provides a lot of services for prepaid and postpaid customers. Its headquarter is in Islamabad Pakistan. Pakistan’s No#1 telecom operator provides the best and most reliable cellular digital network all over the country

Jazz number checking codes

Method #1

  • Very simple, go to your Message app and create a massage
  • Type MNP (My number please)
  • And send it to 667
  • Your screen will show you your Jazz number
  • some charges will be deducted from your balance

Method #2

  • Open your dialer pad
  • Dial *99# from your dial pad
  • You will soon get your Jazz number and with detail of ownership
  • no charges will be deducted from your credit

Method #3

  • By jazz representative
  • Go to dial pad
  • Dial 111 which is a Jazz helpline
  • After getting in touch with the Jazz representative, follow the  instructions and provide him with your CNIC number, IMSI number( on the back of your sim)
  • After providing all the required information, the Jazz representative provide you with the Jazz number

You can use any method which is looking best to you but keep in mind using only those registered sims which are registered on your own CNIC to avoid any trouble and cybercrime.

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