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How Technology In 2022 Plays An Important Role In Your Love Life 

by Uneeb Khan

Throughout generations of man’s existence, love has played a pivotal role in unifying people. It exists in many cultural philosophies, religious texts, and literary works as a gift the God-being gave us that enables us to care for one another, therefore living peacefully. 

Mahatma Gandhi states, “Where there is love, there is life.” Think about it. 

While you might want to be close to your loved ones regularly, life commitments have always been a stumbling block. You may be residing, working, or schooling in a different Town, State, or even Continent. Can such distance affect your relationships negatively? Before the advancement of technology and its adoption, that could have been highly probable. 

Meanwhile, you might find yourself in a new environment, and as a social being, it becomes necessary to find a companion. That can be hard to crack single-handedly, especially after considering time limitations and zero familiarity with the place, among other factors. 

With technology changing how we connect and converse with others in our society, the prevalence of intelligent gadgets makes us contactable. For example, you can seek the services of a matchmaker to find an ideal partner and get to know them before even meeting. Isn’t that a lifesaver? There’s more to that. Come with me. 

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Virtual Reality 

This emerging technology significantly influences efficiency and decision-making, transforming many industries and daily lives. For instance, the algorithm of many, if not all, applications use historical data to know your preferences and then, based on that, suggests content that matches those findings. This same technique applies to other areas/fields where the software is in use. It studies your behavior patterns and then uses them to predict and recommend ideal content. 

For instance, finding a partner compatible with your character is a hard catch when dating. 

Artificial intelligence on dating sites makes it easier to find an ideal companion. If both parties accurately describe their personalities and what they want, then there is a high likelihood that the software will match and pair them correctly.   

Conversely, virtual reality turns the entire experience a notch higher. Early this year, when tech giants like Facebook – parent to Meta, Google, and Microsoft heightened the transition to the digital universe (Metaverse), it became apparent that this experience would be at our disposal sooner than we anticipated. This virtual universe will introduce a new dynamic to relationships and love life, among many things. While it is still an emerging space, experts foresee it becoming a regular part of life. 

Enhanced Communication Tools 

Globalization has played an important role in narrowing the gap between people from different parts of the world. Technological advancements have made communication much more accessible and considering it is an ever-evolving space; it keeps improving. How regularly do you think your parents communicated while they were dating? The answer is obvious.  

However, close their proximity was, they still could not speak to each other quite often.  

It is because they either needed to send letters to one another or schedule a date where they could meet and talk. As of now, that is a thing of the past. You can text, make a voice or video call, send an email, and easily share files. It is a great tool that brings people together. Your love life will blossom when communication is constant and efficient. This closeness deepens the connection and will also develop your emotional intimacy.  

You can be in Washington DC and stay in touch with your girlfriend/boyfriend in Johannesburg.  

Whatever mode you use to keep tabs with your significant person(s) is a product of technological advancements. Could such innovations not exist, would you have had it any easier? That is another restorative expression of how technology has improved communication and bridges a gap that used to hinder relationships from thriving. 

Dating Tips 

“Do you want to attract the love of your life in 5 Simple Steps?” 

If you traverse the internet, you must have bumped into such an advert. Many relationship coaches and counselors have used their services online to engage with many internet users. Some sell premium packages that give a user tailor-made information on various subjects, touching on all matters related to relationships, psychology, mental wellbeing, and lifestyle. On the other hand, some social media platforms repackage dating tips into short-duration skits with catchphrases for easy comprehension. Such shared experiences, in the long run, make people self-aware while spreading awareness on the ins and outs of relationships. In a nutshell, it has enabled people to share & learn about essential topics while traversing the internet. Some viral subjects include; Behavioral Psychology, Philosophy, Mental health, and Love life. It further influences how people behave in relationships. 

It is, therefore, upon you to scout for a trustworthy source where you will be accessing such information. It guides the less experienced and is a point of reference whenever you need better clarity on an issue. It is similar to having a mentor. Social media also allows one to foster relationships with such a person, opening room for other consultations. 

As society keeps evolving, it is necessary to embed technology in our human life and let it co-exist independently from us. In Relationships 5.0, Elyakim Kislev states, “The vision of technology satiating our emotional, intellectual, and physical needs is no longer limited to science fiction.”  


Technology has an irreversible effect on all aspects of society. It rewires your cognitive functioning and significantly alters your love life. While it is vital to appreciate the positives of social media and technology, the truth is that these forces have negatively impacted how we relate to one another in shared environments. For example, the mobile phone is both a connection and a disconnection device. It is handy when we are far from each other, whereas it disconnects human interaction when we are together. Therefore, it will help when you keep the devices aside and interact. 

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