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How Should I Store My Kitchen Knives?

by Uneeb Khan
Store My Kitchen Knives

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The most important thing you can do to keep your knife sharp is to store it properly. As you can imagine, the worst way to store knives is to have no protection in the drawer. You’re not just suffering from a dull or damaged blade. But it is also dangerous for those who climb the boxes. In that case, what are the best methods for storing kitchen knives? We recommend protecting the blade with a special blade. This is a unique sheath, sayas is a sheath usually made of magnolia wood. For this purpose, it is a good choice. It will absorb residual moisture from the blade and won’t dry out or crack.


If you don’t have space for rollers or wall rails, Sayas are a safe way to store your knives in a drawer or worktop. Sias fits most standard-size blades. We recommend buying it with a knife whenever possible. For correct installation. Please see the product page for the corresponding sayas. For handmade and less standard shapes there are many saya manufacturers that can make custom sayas fit your knife. We are developing a new range of uniquely shaped blade guards. Please do not switch.

The Magnetic Tape On The Wall

Another great way to store kitchen knives is with a simple wall mount. For easy access and because your knife set looks great. Wall-mounted magnetic strips are also a great option, and as always, make sure your knives are very clean and dry before you put them on the shelf. This is because moisture travels between the blade and the magnet and can cause problems.

Wooden Knife Stand

The standard storage solution for generations of sushi chefs is the simple knife holder. Made of magnolia wood, available in three and six knife models. Traditionally, the knife is held perpendicular to the blade. But for safety reasons, you can flip the blade without damaging it.

The Travel Case 

If you need a knife travel solution on the go Hello Chef, we have a variety of options in Japan including knife bags, knife cases, or knife rolls.

And one last thing about how to store the best kitchen knives. Also, make sure your knives are clean and dry before storing them. Carbon knives can be coated with a thin layer of neutral oil to prevent moisture from entering the air during winching. Do not use additional tips on knife care, skill, and sharpening. Please visit our blog.

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