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How is a BMX bike different from others?

by Uneeb Khan
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Today’s youth is  crazy about  different kinds of  bikes and bike stunts. There are several types  of bikes and cars  available in the market with exclusive features. One of the most exciting and advanced bikes is the BMX bike. The fans of this bike are entranced with its rapid speed which is  winning the heart of the bike users. Due to its advanced features, the youth today extensively uses this bike for their adventurous  off-road trips and stunts.

What are BMX bikes? 

Firstly, the BMX stands for Bicycle Moto  Cross. It is a sports bicycle best suited for off-road practices. It comes in   different and attractive models.  This ensures that there is a model suitable for every person. It was first introduced  in the market in the 1970s, and since then, it has been evolving and maintaining its reputed position in the market. It has expanded its range of cycles  with several more designs  like freestyle and flatland BMX. This bicycle is primarily used in BMX racing due to its flexibility and lightweight. The BMX racing with talented riders includes jumps, bumps, and adventurous turns, which can be done on  only BMX bicycles. These bikes are comprised of alloy and carbon forks to enhance speed. 

What are the different models of BMX bikes ? 

Flatland bikes:  These are specially designed for flatlands or lands with complex surface geometry that is hard to cross on  regular cycles. This model has multifold BMX parts for balancing. 

Dirt bikes:  These BMX bicycle models  are  similar to the original  model of the BMX, with a bit of difference in their  tier texture. The tier of this bike has a thicker thread with strong grips for slippery surfaces. 

Park style Bikes: These are also known as vert bikes.  They are lighter than the above-mentioned bikes with reduced length of a specific  part of the cycle. This is  better suited for practices in parks and gardens instead of rough surfaces or roads. 

Street Style Bikes:  These bikes are specially made for riding on the benches and sidewalks of the street. 

Race bikes: As the name suggests, these are  suitable for races because they have a high gear ratio that enables the riders to ride at its  peak speed. The front sprocket of this model is larger  than  the other BMX model of cycles. 

Top 3 reasons that define how BMX bikes are different from others. 

The BMX bikes are not ordinary like others because of their unique features and look.

  • Lightweight model: This bike is lighter  compared to the other regular bikes. It has a 20-inch long tube on its frame, which reduces the  weight of the bike by half and enables the rider to enhance its speed. The shorter tubes of this bike  lets the stunt person move the bike 360 degrees very efficiently. 
  • Long durability: The bike’s durability is one of the good reasons behind its uniqueness because most of the cycles lose  their features gradually, and their parts  start  to degrade soon. The BMX bikes are made of alloy, aluminum, and carbon which reduces the chance of rusting and enhances its strength. 
  • Single gear system: This bmx bike uses the single gear system because the main objective of the BMX bike riders is to perform stunts. 

The larger the number of moving parts in bikes, the larger the risk of issues and injuries.

The BMX bikes are the first choice  of the riders as they enable  them to perform their actions anywhere safely, whether off-road or street. If you are interested in an adventurous ride, then go for it.






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