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6 Reasons How Has Technology Improved Shopping

by Mohamed Ali
Technology Improved Shopping

Technology has become an integral part of our life. It is playing a vital role in every field of life, similarly, it has made the shopping experience easier. Everything has become exceptionally easy whether it’s about buying groceries, clothes, or electronics. It deserves a lot of appreciation for how technology has improved shopping for customers. 

How Technology Improved the Shopping Experience?

With the advent of the internet, everything is possible to buy with one click. A majority of customers have chosen online shopping store in Pakistan because of its convenience. These are some of the reasons that explain the fact that technology has improved Shopping.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Technology has reduced human assistance in the shopping sector to improve customer experience. That means there are fewer chances of mistakes. The advanced machines work very efficiently and provide healthy results. The other advantage of Artificial Intelligence in shopping is that it provides 24/7 service. Whenever the customers have to buy something, they can at any time.

2. Voice Assistant

The use of voice assistants is not newer because it has been used in different sectors but now it has been observed that the shopping sector is also using it. The greatest advantage of a voice assistant is that it is super convenient. The customer doesn’t need to type the whole sentences, rather they can use the mic and utter what they are looking for. 

The flaw of typing is that it takes time, and secondly, it requires the customer to write the correct spellings. The Voice assistant removes this hustle. 

3. Applications

There are multiple applications available related to shopping. Many of them are easy to use for common customers. There are a variety of applications for each website. Some of the applications contain all the products while some are specific for certain products. For example, for grocery, there are different applications and for clothing, there are different applications.

Moreover, there are applications that have made it possible for the customer to virtually test the product they are going to buy. For example, if someone is not satisfied with the shirt or jacket and wants to try it first. Now it is possible and the customer can see how the shirt would look on them.

4. Chatbots

This is a great way to improve the customer shopping experience. Many of the customers had faced problems regarding their queries. Most of their queries remained un answers. They had also faced a delay in response. It took hours to receive the answers. But if you want to see the best example of how has technology improved shopping then Chatbots are here. 

The chatbots provide 24 hours service and respond to queries instantly. The customers have shown a positive response related to chatbots because they don’t need to wait for hours to get an answer.

5. Tracking the Customer Interest/ Personalization

Many customers have this question in mind, how do they get suggestions for the products they are looking for? The answer is that the AI collects the data from the search history and related products where the customer had spent most of the time. Once all the data is collected, the system shows the product of the customer’s interest.

It saves a lot of time and effort because the customer doesn’t need to search for the products themselves. Additionally, it makes the customer feel special. The AI observes the behaviour of the customer and shows them their favourite products. It involves their previous searches therefore on the basis of those keywords the customers get suggested products.

6. Order Tracking Software

The main issue that customers face while shopping online is knowing about their order. They remain curious about where their order is. Technology has also cured this problem with the latest tools. There is different order tracking software that helps customers to know the exact location of their orders. It builds the trust of the customers and they shop online without any fear of getting scammed. 

This has made the whole process transparent. Order tracking software is proof of how has technology improved shopping.  They keep the customer updated and provide authentic information related to their order. For instance, it tells the customer how much time it will take to deliver the order. They also get notifications through emails. As a result, they can quickly receive their product.

Final Words

To sum up, technology has made shopping way too easier for customers than anybody has ever thought. Day by day a new application launches that reduce customer headache. From virtually trying the products, voice assistants, chatbots, and order tracking software speak themselves about how has technology improved shopping.

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