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How Field Service Management Software Revolutionising Field Service and Maintenance

by Uneeb Khan
How Field Service Management Software Revolutionising Field Service and Maintenance

Field service management software is the newest obsession of big brands and manufacturers. After-sales servicing and maintenance ensure customer satisfaction and make or break the company’s brand image. 

After-sales servicing and maintenance is a crucial part of the customer journey. Gone are the days when the buyer’s journey would end at the billing window. Brands know very well that their buyers are their biggest brand ambassadors. 

Why is after-sales service automation more important than ever?

In the age of social media, customers do not take mishandling of grievances or long pending complaints lightly. They straight away take the matter into their own hands and make things social on the web. In order to prevent such goof-ups in the handling of customer grievances, CRM software and field service maintenance software play a crucial role. 

Field service management software not only helps manage work order but also, monitor the movement of field executives and track their every move. The software generates automatic reports on their task execution, attendance and leaves, distance travelled, expense reimbursements and much more. 

How does Field Service Maintenance Software Automate After-sales Services? 

Field Service Monitoring Software streamlines the customer complaint resolution process. Once the customer calls, the CRM system registers all the essential details, and the customer support executive understands the issue and feeds the notes into the software.

What’s next?

The process is usually broken or manual beyond this stage. The visibility into the field operations is zero. Field executives, franchisees and guesswork are the only data sources for the company. 

Including the field force software in the workflow, not only allows 100% visibility into the operations but also, fetches all the essential data. 

Let’s understand the process in a set-wise manner:

Integrates with the CRM Software

Once the CRM software is done with its work, field service management comes into the picture thereafter. Advanced field service software solutions such as TrackoField integrate with third-party software such as CRM, CMM, ERP, etc. seamlessly. 

Sorts and delegates the Complaint to Area Managers

After fetching the data and work order details from the CRM or CMM software, Field Service Software sorts the complaints on various parameters such as state, districts, pin codes, the type of product, the type of problem, etc. Field force maintenance software are potent enough to sort the complaints on as many parameters applied to them. 

Automatic allocation of tasks to Field Executives

After sorting the complaints on various parameters, the field service management software, automatically picks the best-suited service provider and the executive under the provider and assigns the task as per their availability. 

The software considers various factors such as the complaint type, the proximity of the executive to the customer location and the schedule of the executive. 

Tracking Field Employees

Once the task is assigned to the executive the system starts monitoring the tasks timeline. The software not just tracks every move to the executive right when he marks himself present till he marks himself out but also, registers the chronology of the events to present a fool-proof report. Trackofield provides real-time tracking of the field employee to the franchisee, the company and the customer. 

Automatic Report Generation

Distance travelled reports, task completion reports, employee performance reports, etc. are some of the most crucial reports generated by TrackoField. Along with this, Attendance management solutions, task management solutions, expense management tools, etc. also generate their respective reports. 

Data Analysis and Planning

TrackoField doesn’t restrict services till reports and insights. This advanced field service management software presents in-depth analysis of the reports to unravel crucial analytics. It aids in spotting hidden anomalies and coming up with optimised solutions for the. 

Which is the Best Field Service Automation Software?

Looking for the top field service management software? TrackoField is the leading name in the industry with the finest solutions and top-notch technical support. 

You get order Management software, Attendance and leave management solutions, Employee tracking software and many such custom solutions in their kitty. To know further, you can reach out to their team of experts.

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