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How Female Get Attested Nadra Divorce Certificate?

by Uneeb Khan

Attested Nadra Divorce Certificate:

 If you want to get attested Nadra divorce certificate from lawyer in Lahore, you may contact Nazia Law Associates. The case was less clear for the Menoro Village residents. Because child marriage was forbidden, some of the Cisolok village participants did not register their marriages to KUA. It was common to conduct sirrimarriage before the village or falsify child’s age to legal marriage age. For economic reasons, none of the Cisolok village participants filed for Nadra divorce certificate from lawyer in Lahore to the Religious Court.

Stamped Talaq Certificate: 

Both the heads of RT/RW and the parties signed a stamped Talaq certificate. This was because the community members couldn’t afford to pay the administrative costs of KUA marriage, the divorcing fee, and transport costs to the Religious Court. Although it was illegal, this local practice was socially accepted. The local Islamic culture influenced the decision not to register divorce or marriage in Lahore village. Although Sirri marriage was not legal, Talaq was socially and religiously accepted.

Menoro Village:

 People in Menoro Village tended to register their marriages, and then to file for Nadra divorce certificate from lawyer in Lahore. This was due to public awareness of the need to officially end a marriage. The mudin, who was able to mediate the divorce process for Menoro village residents, was one reason. Young women who had been divorced from their children were encouraged to leave Cisolok village because there was not enough work. These young women migrated to cities to work as factory workers and to migrant workers abroad (to Hong Kong or Taiwan, Saudi Arabia). Young women in the village were now at risk. In Lahore Village, young women and men who had been divorced were able to migrate to seek work outside of their village. Some did this, but it was rare. 

Lawyer in Lahore:

Menoro Village was home to one of the survival strategies for divorced men after Nadra divorce certificate from lawyer in Lahore: alcoholic drinks. Girls were usually sent to Pesantren by the parents to get work or to look for it in other locations. A girl who was married dropped out of school when she got married. The educational situation did not change after divorce. There were options for education after divorce in all three areas. There was an option to choose between PKBM or GSC education in Cisolok village. In Lahore, the open school was available.

Divorced Couples:

 These opportunities were not often available to divorced couples after Nadra divorce certificate from lawyer in Lahore. This was due to social and economic reasons. The pesantren, which is located in Menoro village could offer an alternative education for adolescents who have experienced divorce. Many young divorcées went on to further their education in Pesantren after their divorce, either because their parents requested it or out of their own choice. All three areas of research showed that most girls went home to their parents following divorce. Returning to the home of the parents results in a change in status. The child is no longer considered an adult (either a husband or wife) but is now a child in the family.

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