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How Fast Can a Longboard Go Downhill?

by Uneeb Khan
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To find out how fast an Electric Skateboard longboard can go downhill, you should know its top speed. This depends on the size of the wheels, the motor power, and the rider’s weight. Braking technique and weight also affect the top speed. Listed below are the main factors affecting the top speed. Once you know these factors, you can choose an Electric Skateboard longboard to maximize your speed and fun.

Power of motor

When riding your electric skateboard, you should never drive it without a battery. Riding uphill can reduce the range drastically, and you should avoid fast accelerations or heavy winds. Instead, accelerate gradually, kick push your e-board from a stop and slowly add motor power. If you plan on riding downhill, it is crucial that you remember the direction of the hill. In the case of a steep hill, you should go left to avoid a bumpy ride.

Weight of rider

When riding an electric longboard, you should pay attention to your weight when going uphill and downhill. The heavier you are, the more power your electric skateboard needs to drive uphill. An average rider weight is 70-80 kg, but you may need to choose a premium model if you weigh more than this. When riding uphill, you should keep your speed low and add power gradually to maintain your balance.

Size of wheels

When choosing an electric skateboard longboard to go down hill, size of the wheels is of paramount importance. While smaller wheels roll faster, larger ones are more likely to get stuck in a dip or wheel bite. Larger wheels provide traction on rough surfaces, but make the board heavier. A good compromise between larger and smaller wheels is a 72mm Sector 9 Race Formula. But make sure to check the manufacturer’s recommendations before making a purchase.

Braking technique

When riding an Electric Skateboard longboard going down hill, one of the most important aspects is how to brake. Luckily, there are a few different ways to stop and keep control of your speed. Firstly, it is important to know how to use your foot brakes. This technique involves applying pressure to your heel with your foot while standing upright on the board. It is important to practice this technique to become confident and prevent yourself from losing your balance.

Battery capacity

The battery capacity of an electric skateboard longboard for downhill riding can be a significant consideration. As an example, the battery capacity of a skateboard requires four Watt hours for every 30 pounds the rider weighs. That means if the rider weighs two hundred and sixty pounds, the battery needs twenty-four Watt hours to reach a mile’s distance. However, it is important to remember that this calculation is not accurate. This figure is only for reference purposes and varies from one model to another.

Sliding vs sliding

There are a few differences between sliding and cruising on an electric skateboard longboard downhill. First, a slide is usually easier to pull off than a regular glide. However, both have their benefits. Freestyle riding is a great way to develop your skills, as it includes fancy footwork and technical slides. In addition to a cruising speed, a high speed slide requires you to have hard wheels with round edges and slides gloves.

Regenerative braking

Regenerative braking is a cool feature, but not the most practical. The energy generated by braking is absorbed by the magnetic wheel and used to generate electricity instead of pushing the skateboard forward. The main drawback of this feature is the risk of overloading the battery. Most models do not let you brake when the battery is 100%. If you were to pull back on the throttle and try to stop without braking, you’d probably end up hurtling into bushes and traffic!

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