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How Does Being a Dog Detective Help?

by kazim kabir
Dog Detective

Peeing or pooping indoors can happen because of various reasons. For instance, intense separation anxiety can make a canine fur baby go to the toilet in forbidden places. Also, if your four-legged friend has had an accident history in the last six months, even when you stayed at home, it could be a lack of housetraining.

Significant environmental changes, including weather, noises during fireworks, construction, celebrations, and modifications made to your dog’s routine such as food items, brands, supplements, medications, bonding time, attention, exercise, and playtime, can affect a little pupper’s mind deeply.

If your pet pooch is housetrained and has always eliminated in designated areas, an accident should be seen as a rare case of violation, possibly due to separation anxiety. In such a case, your little puppy may have soiled its bed, crate, and blankets. Typically, canine fur babies prefer not to eliminate in sleeping spaces; if such a thing happens at your home, know that it is a matter of concern.

Rule out all the other reasons before concluding that the reason for your puppy’s accidents is separation anxiety. Potential health issues can also contribute to this behavior. If you suspect it is because of an underlying medical condition, take your four paws to the vet immediately.

Pet insurance for dogs helps provide your furry pet with timely medical care with little financial implications during dire health situations. Consider buying the best pet insurance so your canine fur baby is covered for broader-ranging health conditions.

Meanwhile, read this article to learn how being a dog detective helps discover your puppy’s issues.

How does being a dog detective help?

Many puppy owners misinterpret separation anxiety. This may be because they might not be present at home to witness it. Pet parents who get busy with work during the day may not know why their pup has been acting weird lately. Sometimes all that they receive is information from the neighbors, who might exaggerate or downplay the issue.

To learn the facts and figures consider spying on your pet pooch. There are various pet monitoring cameras and security systems available in the market that help you remotely watch your canine’s activities during your absence.

If you can’t afford a sophisticated system, consider using Facetime/Skype to interact with your little pupper while you are at work and your puppy’s locked inside the home. A quick call from your smartphone to your personal computer at home can improve things for your pup and you.

Check now and then if your fur companion has touched the treats you left in the bowl, and whether your furry baby is happy and healthy or drooling, panting, and experiencing a range of emotions like weeping, barking, or whimpering.

Also, you can monitor your puppy’s energy levels throughout the day and check if it feels bored, is resting, scratching furniture, or running around to burn pent-up energy. Positive reinforcement, increased activity, and plenty of toys can help sort out your puppy’s separation-related anxiety issues.

However, accidents also indicate severe health issues that might require a vet’s intervention. Consider being prepared with pet insurance for dogs, so unexpected vet bills need not be financially exhausting. The best pet insurance helps get your furry pet top-notch medical support in testing times of health, which is why you must contemplate purchasing a policy.

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