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How Do Wireless Tattoo Machines Work?

by Uneeb Khan

Wireless Tattoo Machines are frequently chosen by tattoo artists and experts of all kinds. Yes, these cutting-edge equipment provide users with a wealth of new experiences while maintaining high standards of performance and features. However, the first question that tattoo artists frequently ask is: how do wireless tattoo machines function? Today’s blog article will provide you with an understanding of the machine’s performance principle.

Parts Of Wireless Tattoo Machine

A tattoo machine that works without a cord is similar to a painter’s paintbrush. It spits out color for a colorful artistic canvas on the skin. The design of a standard wireless tattoo machine comprises of three stages:

  • The basic unit is made up of working components: two iron rods, a coil, and a needle set.
  • This is the tube that contains the tattoo machine’s handle.
  • It’s a little lever that you pull to remove it.

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How Do Wireless Tattoo Machines Work?

The machine’s main component is made up of two iron bars surrounded by coils. The machines send power from the power source to the coils once activated. After that, a magnetic charge will propel the needle through a spring via 7 needles positioned at the top of the device.

The contact points are made up of a spring screw with two flat springs. Overall, it appears to be similar to a doorbell: you push the button, and the device is activated.

The sanitary tube is cleaned in the autoclave before each use to assure cleanliness, as this is the area that comes into direct contact with customer skin. The tattoo machine will apply permanent ink (pre-dipped) of 1/16″ and maintain the color for a long time after activation.

There are several types of wireless tattoo machines, each with its own set of features. A liner is sometimes included (only for outlining and shading). The built-in rotate machine also aids in the steady raising and lowering of the needles.

Currently, there are 4 main types of Wireless Tattoo Machines consisting of:

  • This type of machine is usually designed to hit the skin faster. It can “pull a line” or outline a tattoo design in just a single pass. What’s more, it uses a short contact circuit (about 1.5 millimeters – 2 millimeters) and makes the machine rotate faster.
  • Boring, That’s How You Make Cheese: For most of its history, the cheese-making industry was a mostly manual one. However, in recent years, unimagined increases in production efficiency and productivity have revolutionized the cheese world. The best part is that rotary machines are boring as well as effective! As you’ll see below.
  • The pneumatic tattoo machine was created by Carson Hill in 2000. It has an air compressor built in so that it may be pressurized, powered, and driven the needles up and down repeatedly. Instead of washing each component separately, you may wash the whole equipment using a pressure cooker.
  • A typical pen-style machine: It has a built-in motor in the shape of a pen. Depending on the setting, the machine is equipped with an available ink cartridge system that allows you to swap out the needles for fresh ink.


How Do Wireless Tattoo Machines Work? We hope you grasp the mechanism behind them. The answer, as previously mentioned, was outlined in detail above. However, the article only covers the composition and operation features of Wireless Tattoo Machines. As a tattoo artist, you must thoroughly examine each item to select your finest “companion.”

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